No Lash Inserts for Cheryl with the New L'Oréal False Lash Telescopic Mascara!

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It is not very often that I am impressed with beauty adverts especially when it comes to make-up ones. I mean they pretty much suck... photoshopped flawless skin for foundations, lash inserts AND photoshop for mascara ads, not to mention my most recent favourite - pouring foundation over a golf ball to show how it conceales pores (you have to laugh!).

However my biggest bugbear which I know is shared with most women (I haven't spoken to anyone that sees the point in it) is models wearing individual false eyelashes in mascara ads and of course it then being Photoshop - so it basically may be any mascara because you WILL NOT be getting those effects with it. It just infuriates me as it is just so pointless. Whether it has to be stated in the small print or not (even though it is VERY clear to see) it's just all one big pointless lie. 

Which is why it is so nice to see an actual advert starring none other than Cheryl Cole who does love her false lashes, wearing JUST the mascara. 


Of course it probably took the make-up artist over 30 minutes to apply mascara to just the one eye and then lots of lash tweaking with a pair of tweezers before the images were taken. But I really don't care or should I say I don't mind, just because I know I can achieve similar results!

As you can see I do actually own the mascara and have used it a few times now and have been quite impressed. It is worth noting it is a fibre formula which is why is looks so good on the lashes but this does mean that it shouldn't really be worn with contact lenses. The main thing I like is the brush as it just applies the mascara onto the lashes so easily and gives instant length and volume. I also like that it is so black so really makes the lashes stand out.

 You can find the new mascara on the Boots website for £10.99 in either Hypnotic Brown or Magnetic Black - here or for only £7.99 on the Superdrug site - here (but I'm sure this offer is also in-store).

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It is of course refreshing to see an advert like this... but even if all makeup brands started to do this it would still continue to be refreshing and we wouldn't get bored of it. 
Lash inserts/false eyelashes in mascara ads should never of happened and I really do hope that these brands are now seeing that we have never believed these results but in fact highly dislike them and the only reason why mascaras sell so well is because most women wear it daily and like trying the latest ones out! 

Whether brands have an amazing mascara or not I personally feel are all on a level pegging when they bring out a new mascara because all the lashes are that unrealistic they may as well be the same image.

But now L'oreal with this advert stand out - when you are reading a magazine you will actually look at the eyelashes to see the true results and not just to laugh at how ridiculous the false lashes look! 

Well done L'oreal - Just please make sure you don't go back to your old ways! 

Fee xo.

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