NOTD - Rimmel Lycra Pro Urban Princess


It's the weekend again and it's cold and wet as per usual! But I have yet to have any snow at all, which I'm quite sad about. So to make myself feel cheery I decided to opt for pink nails again. It's actually becoming a bit of a habit and I am always tempted to put some type of glitter over the top of it! Very girly and quite unlike me really. 

Sadly as I am still using just a standard digital camera it didn't want to pick up the pink shade correctly and decided to either turn it into a neon pink or a softer pink - which it is neither! I would say the best image to go off is on the brush of the left image below. It is bright but not overly bright and very girly... actually quite similar to Gosh Neon Baby which I showed in this post here

 The formula of the nail polish is really good as are all in the Rimmel Lycra Pro range, the only thing I would say is you need to make sure you wipe off one side of the brush or else you may flood the nail bed. 

The brush is definitely the best feature of these nail polishes and you just cannot beat it. I actually always go for a Rimmel Lycra Pro nail polish if I am in a rush and need to paint my nails as I will have them done in seconds because the brush can cover the whole nail is one stroke - pretty impressive hey! Also with most shades in the range you can get away with just two coats and the results are always really glossy and chip resistant!

As this is a older shade the one place I can now find this is on Ebay for £4.79 which includes p&p - here. However the Rimmel Lycra Pro nail polishes in Boots are around £4.60. It's just a shame no bargains are to be had because it is an older shade.

I am really tempted to buy a few more polishes from this range as it is so good  - maybe Gold Infusion or Fancy Fuchsia. 

Fee xo.

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