NOTD - Barbie Nails!



So last week I was feeling oddly summery even though it was freezing cold and raining outside! But instead of wearing summer attire and freezing to death whilst looking like an idiot I decided to delve into my summer nail polish collection (yes I now divide my nail polishes into three boxes - nude & wintry shades, pastels & bright summery shades and special nail polishes & glitters!). Very organized I know! If only the rest of my life was like that.

Now a pastel nail polish would of probably been more appropriate for the wintry weather but I find pastel shades a bit wishy-washy against my pale skin in winter so only the really bright shades stood out to me!  

The shade I obviously went for was Gosh Neon Baby (£4.99 - Superdrug) which is a pretty bright pink that just reminds me of BARBIE! I can't say I still love Barbies or the whole Barbie look but I do definitely remember my suitcase of Barbie's very fondly - I literally loved them! 


Anyway, so this was 100% the shade I was drawn to first and because it's quite Barbie-esque and I think it's a shade that you can get away with anytime and just look girly wearing it. As with all Gosh nail polishes this applies really well and also lasts well on the nails - just two not overly thick coats is enough! 

But as I was feeling summery and girly I decided to add a bit of glitter with the lovely Saffron Gold Speckles Nail polish that I purchased from eBay for only £2.19 (here) which I just love as it's such a pretty glitter and is actually good quality! I actually recommend the whole Saffron glitter range as they are just so lovely and different for the price. 

I feel the glitter did turn it from Barbie nails to quite Nicki Minaj-esque but still really pretty, fun and girly! 

This definitely isn't my usual style of nails but I really do love how it looks and will be wearing this a lot more especially once summer comes around again! 

Fee xo.

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