After Christmas Spending!


So it is just after Christmas (kind of) and I received everything I wanted and more, but for some reason January has been a month of me treating myself for some reason! 

However I'm not going to dwell on this or feel any guilt as it is just bad for the soul and done already! Well that is what I like to tell myself. So as I have accumulated a few nice items and some re-purchases I thought it was time for a bit of a 'haul' post. 

First, my star buy at only £2.50...


... A miniature Denman hairbrush keyring!

Just what everyone needs. Okay, to be fair I wil probably NEVER be brushing my hair with this, I mean really, who would brush their hair with a bunch of keys hanging from it, tempting to get tangled in your hair - the idea was flawed to start with. But in emergencies I may resort to using it... who knows! 

But for me it's all about it being miniature! This isn't something I openly share with many people but I do have a love for anything small/miniature. You name it - if it's small I am bound to love it... Sylvanian Families, teeny tiny designer chairs, Monopoly pieces, dolls houses, the inside of snow globes and of course mini beauty products and perfumes. I could go on all day! So when I spotted this in Boots my eyes just lit up and I didn't even think about if I would use it as an actual brush or not.

Now I know not many Boots will stock this as I found it in a rather large store but you can purchase it from Denman on Amazon for only £2.50 with free p&p - here


Next up was a bit of a naughty splurge but in my defence both items were in the sale, so I was being savvy! 

Now I will admit I'm not really a lover of lip gloss or lipstick (I say this yet own over 80 lip products!) however there is something that always draws me in. I think it must be a combination of most lipsticks having nice packaging and always wanting to find that perfect nude shade. 

I only own one Guerlain lipstick and love both the packaging and the shade, so when I saw a nice little clearance tray on the Guerlain counter I had to have a look and to my amazement the only products that haven't been mushed up or used were these two beauties. Okay, I'm now started to sound like I love lip products - though I guess my definition of not being a fan is still pretty obsessed to the average person!

I must say the Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss Extreme Shine in Pomme Du Desir 806 (£16.00 - Debenhams) does look like an odd choice/shade, however this is just such a different product for me. The shade is just so dazzling and unique and definitely doesn't apply with that green hue that is looks in the tube. I think this will look best over a bold red lip just sparingly dabbed along the cupids bow and also the middle of the bottom lip to really make the lips stand out. 

The Guerlain Kiss Kiss Baby Nourishing Lip Balm in Romantic Nude 260 (£21.00 - Debenhams) on the other hand is definitely a nice safe product that would suit anyone. This is actually more nude than it appears in the image and applies quite sheer as it is a lip balm after although it can be built up and is quite like a lipstick. You can definitely feel this is a high end product as it just apply so so well and keeps the lips from drying out. Really pleased with this! 

As for re-purchases, I caved in and bought a new can of Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo which even though it does the job it feels on a par with buying face wipes - but sometimes washing your hair can seem too much like a chore. I know it's not a product that is going to add any benefit to my hair and is only going to increase my laziness! 

Having said that, this is my favourite Batiste Dry Shampoo (£2.99 - Chemist Direct here or Boots/Superdrug) and cannot be faulted - except for the smell! 
I also purchased another bottle of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 01 (the palest shade) as this really did impress me in 2011, as all Bourjois foundations do. I won't go into raptures about this as I really do think this deserves a full review but what I will say is that it is such a good quality foundation that performs more like a high-end foundation for a fraction of the price. You can find the foundation at Boots for £9.99 (here) and at the moment you receive a free full sized Bourjois mascara!

Last but not least I had to include my new favourite shoes! My first ever pair of Melissa Ballet Flats. I'm so pleased with these and love that they are scented (they smell of cupcakes!) like all the other Melissa shoes and have a lovely white heart at the back. I just know they will last me ages unlike so many other flats I have previously owned that have just worn down on the backs so quickly. For anyone interested here is the link to the shoes but I'm sure they will be on sale somewhere online!

Hopefully this hasn't been too boring and if you want to see swatches or a more detailed review on anything feel free to ask in the comments below. 

Fee xo.

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