The Big Skincare Mystery?

Big Skincare Mystery

Well, well, well, it's not everyday I receive an unbranded PR sample that intrigues me like this!

Meet the new high street 2-in-1 cleansing facial wash and 3 minute mask that will be revealed on March 1st.

Now I must admit it's no big mystery as after 5 minutes of searching online I'm 99% sure I know what the product is and I'm please to say it's well under the £5 mark. But unless you really want to know and beg me via twitter I'm keeping schtum as there are prizes to be won via the Big Skincare Mystery Facebook page (here). So I don't want to ruin it! Though ask me and I may give in as I HATE surprises and also hate keeping secrets! 

Anyway, onto the daily cleanser/mask which I actually tried out today as a face mask...

Big Skincare Mystery 01

The product itself seems on smell and appearance quite nice... no nasty synthetic/chemical smell unlike a lot of cleansers for spot prone/oily skin but quite a fresh, aloe vera/cucumber scent...which is rather pleasant.

As instructed I applied the cleanser/mask to wet skin and left it for 3 minutes. I was glad to see it wasn't a mask that set as I just cannot be doing with no speaking or smiling, even if it is only for three minutes! Plus I don't love that unnecessary tight feeling. However even though it didn't set at all, I could feel it slightly firming up and becoming more mask-like if that makes sense. After washing the mask off, my skin definitely felt clean (zero residue), with no redness and VERY smooth.

All in all quite a promising, non-over powering product that does seem quite suited to oily/problem skin with ingredients such as Kaolin and Salicylic acid (always good for the ol' spots!). 

If you do want to sample this product you can actually request a sample over on the Facebook page and there is also a chance of winning some lovely Topshop vouchers! 

Fee xo.

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