Yes Love Nail Polishes!


A bit of an annoying tease post today I'm sorry to say as these two lovely nail polishes where purchased whilst on holiday in Spain and aren't even available on eBay or anywhere online in fact - how annoying! So sadly this blog post is a little pointless if I'm honest.. unless you are going abroad or live in Spain.

However I just couldn't not share these with you as I really didn't expect to like orange glitter nail polish! I mean really. Orange glitter should not work... but oh, it does!


Okay, so it's not very wintry, but ahhhh just look at it. It reminds me of glittery orange jelly shoes from when I was a child! The only down side has to be the smell though.. oosh this is seriously strong, think nail polish remover strong. 

I have a feeling it is one of those very cheap-y nail polishes that has a wonderful concoction of different chemical in, but ahh well!


When I actually purchased this shade (Yes Love 631) in a strange little shop in Lanzarote one part of me was saying 'oooo glitter nail polish' and the other part was saying 'no, it's orange and tacky looking'... but the glitter side won and I'm glad it did as now I'm thinking I need to seek out some other orange glitter polishes!

As for application it is a normal three-coater but did take forever to dry as I did slap it on, however I was impressed with how neatly it applied. 

The other nail polish (Yes Love 89) I purchased was another I was a little unsure about as I'm almost sure it has gone off a bit as that black in the glitter was once clear I am sure!


However this was only 3 euros and I plan to wear it over a black polish anyway, which I am sure will look really pretty! Over a nude or pale shade though I just don't think this would work as the clear polish just looks too murky and would discolour the base polish. 

On a side note... I think because I own quite a lot of nail polishes I have now started to get a bit bored with brands such as Revlon and 17. Which is why my eyes literally light up when I discover a new brand of nail polishes like this. My other recent discovery was the amazing Saffron glitter polishes that can be found on eBay (or on market stalls or so I have heard). But I now have my eyes on a few interesting looking shades on eBay by Etude House. 

If you can recommend any unique/international nail polish brands please let me know in the comments as I would love to start building up a more unique collection. 

Fee xo.

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