Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette Review - Part 2


Me again! 
So if you didn't read my last post (here) on the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette then I suggest you go read that - if not just for the pretty images of the palette! 

But today's post is a more of a 'making your mind up' post because I know that some people haven't tried either of the palettes but now want to purchase one after the release of the 2nd palette and quite a few people are umm-ing and arr-ing about purchasing Naked2 even though they are still really enjoying the original Naked palette. Oh the dilemmas of the beauty obsessed, hey?! 


So what do you exactly get with each palette...

Naked eyeshadow palette (£35 - Debenhams here) - 12 x 1.3g UD eyeshadows, eyeshadow brush and a travel sized Eyeshadow Primer Potion. 
Naked2 eyeshadow palette (£36 - Debenhams here) - 12 x 1.3g UD eyeshadows, double ended eyeshadow brush and a travel sized Lip Junkie lipgloss. 

Like I mentioned in part 1 (here) I really don't get why Urban Decay would include a lip product with a palette that is purely just for the eyes - it makes no sense. So I definitely prefer the extras with the original Naked palette as the primer potion is SUCH a good product and it really is useful for all eyeshadows. 


Naked eyeshadow palette

So I have had the Naked palette for over a year now and think it may have been my most used product of 2011! I literally used it so much and actually had to make an effort to use other eyeshadows. But this is not about how I use it. So here is why you may or may not like the original Naked palette.

Why you may love it - These are some seriously pigmented eyeshadows that apply so nicely with little fallout. There is are some great shades in the palette, such as - Sin ( a lovely highlight shade and so buttery feeling), Sidecar, Buck (great for brows), Smog and Toasted (this may be my favourite UD shade, ever). Quite a lot of the shades are warm toned so if you suit pigmented, rich, warm toned eyeshadows than this is definitely for you. However even though I personally suit cool-toned shades I found I could still enjoy most of the shades... though some of the darker shades are just too rich and pigmented for me. But if you love strong smokey neutral eyes then this palette would be perfect in achieving that. Also the included mini eyeshadow primer potion really does work and comes in very handy with all of the eyeshadows.

Why you may dislike it - The packaging if I am honest is just pants, just so impractical it's just silly. Firstly the packaging is flocked so it grabs hold of fluff and any makeup it comes into contact with and it you dare put this in your makeup bag the edges will start to show wear and tear pretty quickly. Also it's made from cardboard and only has a magnetic close to keep it from opening. So for the first week it will look lovely... but believe me, it doesn't last long. Now this may sound slightly odd but if you do have quite pale skin or only like subtle neutral shades than this palette may be to strong/rich for you... I sometimes find when using some of the shades for just a neutral everyday smokey eye it can look a bit too full on as the shades are so shimmery and pigmented - so I definitely enjoy using this more when going out at night.


Naked2 eyeshadow palette  

This is just a sleek palette full of beautiful new shades, this is definitely more wearable for the day for me personally as the shimmery shades are more pearl than anything else, which I do prefer.

Why you may love it - This may be slightly more expensive than the original palette but this looks the business! The palette is well made, practical and durable with a bigger mirror and even the eyeshadows seem to be slightly more finely milled . There really are some lovely shades in this that are quite unique (I'm talking - Suspect, Pistol, Verve) and also some shades that can be used not just as eyeshadows, such as Bootycall makes a lovely highlighter, Blackout is great for using as liner on the upper lashline and if you are fair haired, Tease could be used to fill in your brows. There are also slighter less shimmery shades in this so if you want something more subtle for work or you just don't want to look too made up then this palette will be perfect.

Why you may dislike it -  You still have some of your deep, pigmented shades with this, such as - Half Baked, Snakebite and YDK but the whole palette seems just more neutral and subtle (which may be a good or bad thing depending on how you want to use it). However the two lighter matte shades don't give great pay off and are slightly chalky... really foxy just isn't that great at all. The free lipgloss whether you like the Lip Junkie range already may disappoint you as the packaging is just so rigid that it is actually hard to get the product out of the tube and because the product is so small the label on the tube is all wrinkled up even before you use it... just not really thought out. Plus surely the newer eyeshadow primer potion in Sin would of been nicer to include. 

But which is best?!

I'm going to be rubbish and say I just can't answer that as it all depends on your skin tone and what you want to use it for the most. For example I love that Naked2 is more cool toned on my pale skin but for someone with much darker skin to me the shades would be quite warm toned  - if that makes sense! But if you do want a more pigmented more shimmery palette I would go for the original Naked palette. 

As for if you need both palettes? Well that is basically like asking someone do they need more than one or two red lipsticks! Some people will say of course they do as there are so many different tones of red and some will say probably not - so it definitely comes down to which camp you are in! 

 I really hope this has been helpful! 

If you have any questions on either of the palettes feel free to ask in the comments below and I will try my best to answer them. 

Fee xo.

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