Compagnie De Provence Soap Stack


Just a mini review of a stocking filler type gift today! 

This is the Compagnie De Provence Soap stack from Zalando which contains 5 x 25g mini soaps for £6.95 with free delivery - here.  

I have never tried anything from Compagnie De Provence before but they have always interested me especially with their lovely look Rose Liquid Hand soaps, but they have always seemed slightly too pricey. Which is why I was attracted to this - it's cheap enough and you get to try out five of the different soaps to just use or to see which you like the most. 

I must admit I do kind of do want to keep this to myself and I may just, as I seem to have over bought for a few people this year!  


The five soaps in the stack are...
Mediterranean Sea, Fresh Verbena, Summer Grapefruit, Wild Rose scent and Olive & Lavender.

I haven't unwrapped these as I still may give them as a gift but even through the wrappers you can smell these soaps which is a good sign. Each soap is a pretty good size for travelling with or keeping next to the sink. The ones I would try first would have to be Summer Grapefruit and Olive & Lavender as these smell the nicest to me. 
It is quite a small gift but even so this doesn't look cheap and I think this would be ideal for some slightly older that likes likes nice toiletries and what nots! 

Overall a cute but slightly different gift that will compliment another present really well! 

Fee xo.

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