NOTD - China Glaze Tinsel Town


I cannot believe the lack of sparkly, glittery nails on Makeup Savvy this Christmas. It's actually a bit of a disgrace seeing as I own sooo many pretty glitter nail polishes!

However I will be rectifying this, this week as I am now armed with some potent glitter nail polish remover (Sally Hansen's Kwik Off) and I have all my most Christmas-y glitter nail polishes all lined up to use! 

But today I want to show you one that came with the China Glaze Santa's Little Helpers set that I purchased last month. This is by favourite polish from the set as it is so different from anything I have and it looks so pretty on - not exactly like tinsel but still so amazing with the texture and sparkly of this.

Tinsel Town actually reminds me of one of those amazing rocks that look normal on one side and then you turn it over and to reveal the most amazing crystal pewter that sparkles under any light! 

This only needs two coats and it's done but it does chip within 1-2 days which isn't so amazing. But I'm sure with a top coat it will last longer! The thing I love most about the polish is how much it sparkles without looking like it is full of glitter if that makes sense and I also love how rough it looks even though it doesn't actually feel rough compared to other glitter nail polishes I have tried in the past... almost a smooth glitter polish. 

I bought this as part of a China Glaze Santa's Little Helpers set from eBay which you can find with this UK Seller here  for only £11.75 with free p&p! 

The other shades in the set are - Velvet Bow, Ring in the Red (see my nail swatch) which is so lovely and Icicle (see my nail swatch).

Fee xo.

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