Christmas Gift Guide - N-Spa Treats!


Oh my, oh my how I like my N-Spa products! 

For me N-Spa are cheap, fun, smell amazing and look slightly like Philosophy products which are quite pricey indeed. These make lovely but cheap gifts at Christmas as you can purchase 3 products for around £6-7 which I think is just great!

Now of course N-Spa products residue in Asda but for all those poor people that don't have access to an Asda, then you will be glad to know you can actually buy N-Spa products online from Asda Groceries Online - here. I am really not sure how much delivery is but if you really do want to buy some products from N-Spa then all is not lost atleast. 


Vanilla Creme Brulee Shower and Bath Gel 500ml 
(£2 - here or in store)  
I use to use this many moons ago when I didn't avoid SLS's and can say that I use to love it - the smell is just soooo amazing. But the reason why I have it now is because it's a Christmas present for somebody! There are so many different scents in the range but this has to be my favourite and is great for using as a shower gel as it just lasts ages and foams up so well with one of those shower puffy things!It also smells lovely in the bath and does make the skin feel quite nice.

I think three of these which would total only £6 in three different yummy scents would make a lovely but cheap gift this year.

Indulgent Toffee Shimmer Body Oil 150ml
(£2 - here or in store)
I would say this product is more suitable for someone in their teens as it's just a bit of a fun product to use that smells very yummy! 
I'm personally not in love with this body oil as I don't overly love shimmery skin but with a tan I do use and like it - so it's a bit hit and miss for me. But again with other products this could make a lovely gift.


Indulgent Gingerbread Whipper Body Cream 250ml
(£2.oo - in store)
This whipped body cream is just to die for... the smell is literally amazing! This is a perfect product to use near Christmas as it just smells so festive and wintry. The product is a really good size for only £2.00 and I just cannot fault it. 
Hot Butter Fudge Sugar Body Polish 350ml 
(£4.00 - here or in store)  
My total favourite product out of the whole range - THIS product is just A-mazing! My love for this is on the same level as my love for Soap & Glory's The Breakfast Scrub. The scrub comes in a huge pot (like the angel cake packaging below) and is a jelly like sugar scrub that is golden in colour like brown sugar and just smells so, so, soooo good - I just can't explain how good this stuff smells. Basically if you like warm yummy smelling products or know someone who does then you need to buy this! The scrub itself isn't overly harsh but it isn't a thin scrub either, just somewhere in the middle. 

This is so yummy that is feels slightly wrong using it in summer so this is definitely one to buy for winter/Christmas.

Indulgent Angel Cake Bath Melt 350ml
(£4.00 - in store) 
This is basically a luxury kind of bubble bath and when you scoop this out it's quite an odd jelly like texture that just feels more substantial! I can't say I know what Angel Cake smells like but this smells sweet and almost bubblegum like. Again I think this would suit teens more than anything as it's a sugary sweet product that looks really nice as a gift. 
Raspberry Milkshake Body scrub 225ml 
(£2.00 - here or in store)  
I think I must of tried every single body scrub from N-Spa now but this is my favourite one for in summer. It's fresh, grainy and cheap! Also I personally love this as it doesn't contain any sulfates which is a huge thumbs up for me as so many body scrubs like this contains SLS's in them. 
Vanilla Creme Brulee Body Scrub 225ml 
(£2.oo - here or in store) 
This is again one yummy product that I mainly just use because I love the scent. But I must admit I love the type of scrub that is it, kind of a cream with good sized grains in it. Some days I use the Fudge Sugar Body Polish when I want to exfoliate and then other days when I just want to wash my skin and be a bit lazy I use this and just stand there inhaling it in the shower!

 All I can say is om nom nom about this! 

I actually feel a bit hungry now!
What I would do for a few (large) spoonfuls of Marks & Spencers Salted Caramel Sauce right now?! 

Mmmmm just so good!

Fee xo.

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