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Now I don't often talk about hair products on Makeup Savvy but I actually don't now why that is, as I do love my hair products and own quite a lot. Plus I do have quite long hair that I love to preen. So I felt it only made sense to write a gift guide on all things hair that you could give as gifts or ask for Christmas this year!

Firstly I want to mentioned what I feel is the top hair tool this Christmas and one I have been personally wanting for quite a bit. Yes, it is the Babyliss Wave Envy (£39.97) which I like to say creates 'mermaid hair'. I was going to ask for it for Christmas but I knew I would use it a lot in the run up to Christmas with parties and different events to go to... so I did have a slight splurge and bought it for myself! I have only used it once but you can see what my hair looked like here without running my fingers through the curls and keeping it quite neat, and here is my hair ruffled up with a bit of volume in it - what do you think?

I am sure I will do a full review of this in time, but already I can say it gives such lovely results and is SO easy to use!


Aussie 3 for £10 at Boots...

This was actually one of my first Christmas purchases (to someone that I hope won't be reading this!) as I thought it was a pretty good price for three Aussie products that retail for around £5 each... so really it's just like 3 for 2 isn't it! I just find Aussie products so yummy and really good for the hair, plus I don't actually know anyone that hasn't liked Aussie products, especially the 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment... the smell is just amazing and it works wonders!

It is a bit of a shame that it doesn't come in a nice gift set (thought I can't say I love all that excess packaging with every gift set) so I am either thinking about tying up the three products in a nice wintry purple scarf or buying some purple crepe paper and using some straw tie/ribbon to wrap it all together and then I can wrap it up in wrapping paper at normal. 

 Also Superdrug are offering 2 for £6.99 on all Aussie hair products at the moment as


Natural Hair Products

 Now if you have a friend or family member that you know likes to use more natural products or likes to only use good quality hair products that actually look after the hair, then giving them the gift of these types of products can really make a thoughtful and gratefully received present. I know from past experience that nothing makes my face drop slightly at Christmas like a hair or skincare gift that I cannot use due to the chemicals in it that I avoid using. 

Both the Love, Peace and the Planet (Cherry Almond) range and the Superstar range are my absolute favourite hair care ranges... though I must admit I love the Love, Peace and the Planet range for the amazing almond scent! Both ranges are totally sulfate-free so great for anyone that is conscious to avoid that range of chemicals, or has a sensitive scalp/weak hair, or that even has dyed hair as using SLS-free products helps to prevent the hair from being stripped. Also all the products look great packaging wise and you can get some great discounts at Amazon (here) and Cheap Smells (here). 

Naked hair products seem to be the most natural high-street priced range out there and I really do love them for that! They are 97% natural and have such an extensive range now in Boots, Sainbury's, Tesco and online at Naked bodycare and Boots online. My favourite products are the Buttermilk & Green Tea Hydrating Conditioner and the Hibiscus & Frangipani Strengthening Shampoo. At the moment Naked online are offering free delivery on all UK orders until 22nd December and a free product when you spend over £20 - here.

Yes To... Tomatoes 
  I love all things Yes To Tomatoes... even though I strangely have never ever tried a tomato in my life?! But my new favourite shampoo has to be the amazing Tempting Tomatoes Daily Volumizing Shampoo which just makes the hair feel amazing even without applying conditioner and smells so so good - I just can't explain it! I purchased the huge 500ml shampoo from Zalando (here) for £8.95 which will last me such a long time I am sure! 


Hair Extras

I could easily dedicate a whole post on different nifty hair products that do all sorts of things but here are the ones that I use all the time and really do like. 

Vo5 Miracle Concentrate with Argan Oil (Boots £4.99 - here) - For £4.99 this is a total miracle product that everyone needs if they suffer from fizzy or dry/damaged hair! This would make a nice stocking filler or you could even buy this as part of a trio of other different interesting hair products like the one below.

Schwarzkopf got2b Powder'ful Volumizing Styling Powder (Amazon £5.00 inc p&p - here) - This is definitely a strange but amazing product that would be ideal for someone that loves big hair. The consistency of this is almost like a sticky powder that grips on to the roots of the hair and creates amazing lasting volume!

Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray (Boots £4.99 - here) - This is a huge bottle that will last anyone ages and 100% does the job. Not much to say about this product but really good value for money here.

Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle (Boots £5.61 - here) - I have found some people love this and some people hate it. I personally love it, but feel there is a definite technique to using it! This is a great is you are creating a really girly gift set for someone as this product is a must before nights out!

Aussie Shine Coloured Hair Protection Serum (Boots £4.69 - here) - I really do like the Aussie Dual Personality range and think this combination of a shine serum and a heat protectant is such good idea. This really does give some shine to the hair without weighing it down at all AND it smells nice.


Hair Tools

 You may see a theme with the products below - they are all by Babyliss! Now I must say I hadn't even realized this until now but clearly Babyliss come out with products that catch my eye and I must admit they are never overly complicated and are always really good quality.

Babyliss Turbo Shine Dryer (Tesco £15.31 - here) - I bought this last year after making the mistake of buying a really expensive looking hair dryer that weighed a ton (I actually use to hit myself on the head with it when drying my hair!). But with such a price difference this really does serve me well as I have used it around 3 times a week for a year and it's never over heated and I have never hit myself on the head with it! This is actually sold as being lightweight and it really is - just a nice product that does the job and looks pretty nice as well.

Cloud Nine Micro Iron Hair Straightener (Amazon £49.95 - here) - As you can see this isn't a review of the Umberto Giannini as it has been discontinued since last year... but now I have my eye on the Cloud 9  Micro Irons as I don't straighten my hair that often so a little pair for using once in a while makes sense.

Babyliss Pro Conical Wand 32-19mm (Beauty Bay £23.95 - here) - If you want to buy someone a hair tool this Christmas but don't have a huge budget then this is the product for you/them! The barrel comes in different sizes for different lengths of hair (mine is the biggest barrel size) and there is also a choice of black or pink. This is so easy to use as you literally wrap the hair around the wand, hold it for a few seconds and then you have perfectly tight or loose curls! A really nice product.

Babyliss Wave Envy Hair Styler (Tesco £39.97 - here) - Ahhh my new baby! I'm sure this will be on many people's Christmas lists this year and rightly so as this doesn't disappoint! This can give quite a few looks if used in different ways and is SO easy to use - just clamp and wait, clamp and wait and then voila, amazing waves that make the hair look so shiny and feel so soft! I am already impressed with this!


I don't own many brushes because I don't actually brush my hair that often - ooops! But I have included the Tangle Teezer as I know it is such a cult product now and also a very purse friendly version that would be ideal as a stocking filler!

Tangle Teezer in Pink (Boots £10.20 - here) - This would make a great gift for anyone that likes to look after their hair as it's one of those products that once you try it you just get why it is so popular and then you find you can't live without it! They also now do these in a pretty flower shaped holder for children which this works amazing well on as it removes knots from the hair without any tugging or pain. Really great and a fun looking hair product to give someone this Christmas! 

Denman Be-Bop Massager (Look Fantastic £2.75 - here) - I call this the poor persons Tangle Teezer as it does virtually the same thing but definitely works better in the shower. This is meant for massaging the scalp with but I much prefer to use it after I have applied conditioner to remove any knots from my hair and it just makes any conditioner work so much better! Also really handy that Look Fantastic do free p&p so this really is such a cheap product. 

Wow, I feel like I need a lie down now!  

Really hope this has been useful/interesting and make sure to look out for my next Gift Guide which will be on books - make up books, girly reads, fiction etc etc. 

Fee xo.

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