Yardley Royal English Daisy Perfume


Another day closer to Christmas and another possible gift idea! 

I tried this perfume last week as a little sample and was so impressed with both the scent and the price that I went out and bought it as a present for a family member!

This is the Yardley London Daisy Eau de Toilette 50ml which is currently on offer in Boots for only £6.66 (normally £9.99) - here.

Yes, only £6.66 for a 50ml perfume! Crazy. Now this of course isn't a 'young' persons scent, even though I personally do like it and would maybe wear this in spring. But as the brand is more focus towards the more mature ladies I would say this is an ideal present for mums, aunts and grandma's! 

For me this seems like an updated/good alternative to the Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers perfume...  the two perfume don't smell the same but I feel like the quality of the perfumes are very similar and would suit the same type of people. So it you know someone that likes Sunflowers then I'm sure they will really like this. 

As for the scent itself - think a light daisy scent combined with fresh spring weather. It is clean and light and just smells nice! The bottle as you can see is quite elegant in shape with a metal top and is boxed which makes it seem that bit more expensive than it is. 

I'm now very intrigued to smell the Yardley English Rose perfume (again £6.66 here) as I use to own Paul Smith Rose and did quite like it but I haven't purchased it again as it is slightly too steep in price as it didn't blow me away. So if this smells anything similar then I am on to a total winner! 

Yardley also do gift sets with the Daisy perfume for £10.00 (here) which include a 75ml body spray... but I actually think the perfume looks nicer on it's own! 

 If I have time before I go on holiday I will write a gift guide on fragrances as I feel I have gone perfume mad this year and have tried and bought so many! 

Fee xo.

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