Fresh Sugar Flirt Gift Set!


Today I wasn't going to post anything as I have been under the weather (I think it was a bit of food poisoning!) but last night I edited these pictures and after seeing how pretty the gift set looked I thought it deserved to be wrote a review about. 

So here it is!

Now first things first, because I don't want anyone reading this review to like the set, then to get to the end of it and realize that the gift set can only be purchased from Fresh stores... and there is only one in the UK which is based in London! So if you live in London or are going Christmas shopping there then you can find the Fresh store on 92 Marylebone High Street.

I have heard of Fresh as a brand in the past and have seen some lovely gift sets on the QVC US site but even in dollar they seems pretty pricey so I was amazed to see that this gift set is £16.00... now I'm not saying that is majorly cheap for two/three products but for the quality and it being from Fresh I think it is a really well priced gift for someone you really like. Plus it looks really nice!


The Fresh Sugar Flirt Brown Sugar Essentials kit contains...

Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 (4.3g) - Now if I told you I loved this as much as my Neom multi-balm (which I have mentioned so many times now) I'm sure you wouldn't believe me. But please do, as this is pretty amazing stuff! Now I will firstly admit I am not amazed by the scent of it... but I think that is because the packaging being all warm and it saying 'sugar' on it made me instantly presume it would be a yummy sugary scent, but it's just not. It is slightly sugary and sweet but the scent is definitely fresh and citrusy but actually now one I'm getting use to, thankfully, seeing as I have been using it daily! But what I am so won over by is the formula... it's not sticky or overly thick but it just stay on the lips for so long even when eating and drinking which I find amazing. Plus this is actually a lip treatment as it does cure dry lips really well. Also in love with the packaging... it's weighty and pretty and something you actually want to get out of your handbag to use.

Brown Sugar Body Cream (100ml) - This also has a fresh scent but actually even fresher and I REALLY like it... it reminds me of sherbet lemon sweets! Just so lemon-y and sugary and just all round lovely. But again the packaging doesn't really give you the idea that it will be like that. Another lovely product that feels really good quality - it applies smoothly, soaks in really fast and leaves the skin feeling slightly plumped up and smelling VERY fresh! I didn't think this would impress me but it has. I now want to get the Brown Sugar Body Polish before summer so I can use them both together.


Metallic Gold Make-up Pouch - I am so fussy with makeup bags... I am the girl that searched for over 6 months for the perfect makeup bag and found it in a lovely Paul & Joe one! I just think there are some awful ones out there especially with gift sets... some actually make me cringe *remembers a Biotherm one*. But this is just so pretty... I really should of taken an up close image of it so you could see the slight metallic golden crackle to it, which remind me of the beautiful notebooks Barbara Wiggins makes! It is also a really good size for over night stays and it's actually padded in side which is just another sign of the type of quality you get with Fresh. I just wish it was big enough (or I had less makeup) to take this on holiday with me next week! Just to note it is slightly more gold looking than in the images.

For £16 I really do think this would make a lovely gift... it's not overly Christmas-y (I use this word a lot don't I?) but it feels something special, you can tell the quality of it instantly and I'm pretty sure most women would like the products and the bag.

Now has anyone tried the Fresh Lip Scrub or Body Polish? I need to know if they are good enough to start convincing a friend that lives in London to make a special trip to Fresh for me!

Fee xo.

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