Xmas Gifts - Boots Gorgeous Feet Intensely Pampering Trio


Last year I bought a gift from the Gorgeous Feet range at Boots and really wanted to keep it for myself (you can see the review here - it is still in stock). So this year I bought myself something from the range. But I thought I would review it as this would make a lovely extra gift as it's under £5!
On a side note I do seem to be treating myself a lot lately instead of buying Christmas presents - I need to stop this?! 


You can find the lovely set here for only £4.50 (normally £6.00 - currently 25% off) which contains - Soothing Foot Soak, Sensationally Smooth Foot Scrub and Deeply Intensive Moisturiser all 50ml in size and they come in lovely glass jars so they don't feel cheap at all. 

Now for a long time I really didn't believe in foot scrubs or foot creams... I mean surely a normal body scrub and moisturiser would do the exact same job. But then I read in some over 50's magazine (I'm thinking it was 'Yours' magazine) that the ingredients in feet and hand products are quite different to body products and actually a lot more affective. So I bought a Scholl foot cream and was actually amazed to find it is true - moisturiser really doesn't cut the mustard with me anymore! 

 Which is why I actually like giving foot care products as gifts... it is slightly odd I know. But if you think about it, in winter we definitely all neglect our feet more and also we do a lot more shopping than usual due to Christmas!


Here are mini reviews of the 3 products...

Deeply Intensive Moisturizer - This is the product I have been using the most as this really works, isn't greasy and smells amazing! The consistency of this is slightly thinner than a body butter and really does hydrate the feet instantly. As for the smell it smells exactly like the other two products in the set and it definitely reminds me of the smell of rice pudding! A lovely vanilla scent and quite soft smelling - really nice!

Soothing Foot Soak - Sadly I haven't used this as it contains Sodium laureth sulfate which I don't use (though I'm sure I would be fine to just use this on my feet). But again this smells really good and yummy! This is actually for placing in warm water and soaking the feet in for 10 minutes or you could even place this in a foot spa!

Sensationally Smooth Foot Scrub - I have used this a few times now and again nothing to fault here just a nice foot scrub that isn't at all harsh but does the job. Again the smell of this is really nice. 

Also there is a bigger gift set available here  for only £7.50 which includes the three products above and seven other products including some cosy socks and a Natural Collection nail polish! Really great value for money I would say.

Plus of course you can do the whole collect free from store at Boots which is very handy when products are on offer! 

Fee xo.

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