Hello Christmas!


Ahhh, Christmas?!
It really is my favourite time of year.

But I am going to be honest I haven't felt that Christmassy as of yet! I am not getting worried just yet though as I haven't done that much shopping or watched a good Christmas film or done anything really that Christmassy! 

So this weekend is going to be my official 'getting excited for Christmas' weekend. I am going to put up some decorations, MAKE some decorations... I'm thinking giant 3D snowflakes and a bauble wreath, bake something from the Nigella Lawson Christmas book and organise all my Christmas posts! 

Talking of Christmas posts I have a lot planned! Quite a few giveaways, some lovely festive interviews, even a few DIY posts and lots & lots of gift set reviews and talk of lovely festive products.

Happy December everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful month!

Fee xo.




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