Lifting the Lid... October Boudoir Prive


For me Boudoir Prive seem more chic and niche... a box to try if you want to discover something that bit different. Also I feel this could be for someone in their 20's but also for someone that is in their 40's/50's - it just seems a good all rounder in the quality of the products.
The Price 
With the Boudoir Prive box you receive 5-6 deluxe sample size products for £12.95 including delivery, which I am guessing is just worked into the price as it's a very similar to all the other beauty boxes. Also in the month of October if you signed up you received two extra products from the previous box. Website - here.
The Packaging 
The box and packaging is very much like Glossy Box however this box has a magnetic close lid which I think I actually prefer and I also really like the cute little mirror sticker! 

The Products
The October box contained - Korres Guava Body Butter, Cetuem Illumination Mask, Cetuem Creme de Lite, Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve, Leanor Greyl Hulie de Palme, Studio Makeup Liner Styler Pen, Memo Shams fragrance sample.  Also my extra samples were a mini Zoya nail polish in Gem and Tropics Body Scrub.

 Leanor Greyl Pre-shampoo conditioner - I had never even heard of this brand before or even such a thing as a pre-shampoo conditioner. But I really did like this.. quite an interesting product that looked like a solid product but on contact with heat (the hands) it became an oil that you rubbed into the ends of your hair. I did notice a difference after each use and it was certainly a nice product to try. But not sure how much my hair needs it as it's in quite okay condition.

Cetuem products - I wasn't bowled over by these two products as I think they are more suited to drier or more mature skin. Though I did try them and could see the appeal especially with the brightening mask. In fact I can see why this has won awards actually! Though sadly my skin doesn't need brightening.


Memo Shams fragrance sample - Another dodgy perfume sample in another beauty box! Just way too strong, as in headache inducing strong. Not my cup of tea at all, though I'm sure some people will adore it.
Studio Makeup Liner Styler Pen - I can never have enough eyeliner so was thrilled to receive this full size liner pen. It took some getting use to as I do normally use gel liners which I apply with a little brush. However after a bit of practice this looked great - so pigmented and it definitely lasts. Really very nice.

Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve - This was a lovely addition to the box and one that actually made me go out and buy another Rose & Co balm and some other products from the brand! This is just a handy multi-purpose salve for lips, cuticles, dry skin, taming eyebrows etc etc. So handy for the handbag and will last you ages. I really do love Rose & Co products now from being introduce to them though Boudoir Prive... which is what it's all about isn't it?!

Korres Guava Body Butter - I have always wanted to try Korres but never could decide what I wanted to go for as it only seems to be online and I think the smell of products are so important, so I was glad to receive this. Now as for Guava I literally didn't have a clue what that smelt of and I still can't even describe it but it's a soft type of smell that is quite yummy. This is nothing ground breaking but it's a nice size and I have been using it on my arms before bed and have been quite pleased with it as a product. Now tempted to purchase a Korres gift set for someone at Christmas with the Guave scent in it.

Extras - Not overly impressed by the Tropics Body Scrub... yes nice enough but for a body sample this was the worlds smallest sample. But I did love the Zoya polish which you can view here as I did a NOTD post on it.
 I really liked four products out of this box so for me this was totally worth £12.75 without a doubt. I also appreciate the interesting samples included like the pre-shampoo conditioner. I find when I receive this box I actually sit down and have to read about the products instead of looking at the products for a few seconds. Also this months box really did feel like I receive a lot of products - which is because I did!

Rubbish fragrance sample and I would really like if they included a list of ingredients in each product. 
Overall this felt like a huge treat... though it will be interesting to see what is in the November box as it of course won't include as many samples. I really felt spoilt with this box! 

Fee xo.

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