Do Nail Rocks, Rock?


I seem to have developed a collection of nail wraps recently but as my last experience with them didn't go so well (back in the day when you needed to heat up the wraps with a hairdryer) I have kind of left them alone.

But as the festive period is upon us (which means pretty nails!) I thought it was time I pull out my stash to really decided if I liked them and if they had improved at all. 

Firstly I feel I need to explain why I was put off nail wraps in the first place! It's was for three reasons actually. 1. Most nail wraps are too large so need to be cut down and cutting them but keeping an even curve is no easy task. 2. They didn't seem to stick down well and peeled at the edges. 3. You are supposed to file off the excess... which I did and also filed down all my nails in the process?! Arghhh.

So this time I thought I would do things slightly different to correct the issues I had last time...

Out of the 5 sets of nail wraps I own I picked my newest ones 'Black Lace on Red' from this month's Glossy Box as the design of them is the nicest and one I definitely couldn't achieve with nail art. So firstly to cut out the having to cut them all to size and messing it up I decided to just do an accent nails on my ring fingers. Plus it is so much quicker and it of course means you get so many uses out of one set of nail wraps - it's win/win really!

As for application I was pretty impressed to see that no heat is required now (something I thought wasn't needed in the first place) you just simply press them onto the nails. Now I must say they do stick down well as I have been wearing these on my ring fingers for 3 days now and they haven't peeled at the edges or come away at all and I have been having showers, washing up etc. However with both nails they do crease slightly in at least one place which is because of the shape of them and it really cannot be avoided I have found. 


As for filing off the end of the nail wrap this is were I really went wrong last time and actually ended up filing down my nails until they were pretty short. So this time I decided to ignore the instructions and cut off as much off the excess as I could, which is quite easy as you can feel where your nail is behind the nail wraps with your scissors. Then I just filed off the rest which only took a few strokes so I didn't file any of my nails down this time!

However the only problem I incurred with both nails was that they slightly ripped when filing them down, which you can see in the above picture. Though without looking up close it is hardly noticeable. 

Overall I am definitely more impressed this time round and actually feel a full application of all my nails wouldn't be too much hassle. I am now thinking of getting some for my toes to wear on holiday as I know they will definitely stay on now! 

The only downside still is that nail wraps do tend to wear down on the tips of the nails within a few days so you do get a white line which doesn't look so great. But other than that I do see the appeal now and would use them again 100%! 

Fee xo. 

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