Lifting the Lid... October Glossy Box


Today is officially Beauty Box Day on Makeup Savvy as I will be reviewing quite a few of last months boxes as I have tried out all the products really well. So hopefully it will be reviews of the boxes and also mini product reviews as you do receive quite a few full-sized products in them! 

SO even if you aren't interested in signing up for such a service the posts may still be interesting to read. Or so I hope! 


The Price 
With the GlossyBox you receive 5 high-end samples for £10.00 per month plus £2.95 p&p bring it to £12.95 per box per month. Also like all the other boxes you can cancel at any time. Website - here.

The Packaging
The samples come in a light pink box that is quite sturdy and has a lid with black tissue paper and black paper squiggly things (it's actually called paper sizzle - who knew!). The box is an ideal size for the samples and would be perfect to store other items in such as nail polishes, foundations, samples etc. Also the box comes with a card to explain the products plus it also gives you discount codes for different products which is nice!


The Products
The October box contained - Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Thermafoliant, Multivitamin Power Recover Masque, Renewal Lip Complex plus a free makeup bag, Stila Smudge Stick in Moray,  Leighton Denny Expert Nail polish in Baby Doll and three Robert Piguet fragrances. 

Dermalogica products - Loved both the Thermafoliant and Lip Complex. The micro exfoliator for the face I have been using in the shower and it has lasted me around 5 applications... not sure about the warming effect but this definitely removes dead skin and leaves the skin really soft. As for the lip product it just really works and if it wasn't for the hefty price tag I would be purchasing this. The mask really wasn't my thing so I gave it away and the make up bag... well it is just a bit boring isn't it. Also I am not sure how I feel about multiple products from the one brand in the same box, hmmm.


Leighton Denny Nail Polish in Babydoll - This was a full sized product and I thought it was quite nice. You can see more pics and a full review of it here

Stila Waterproof Eye Liner in Moray - I have never tried any eye products from Stila before so this was a nice product to receive (again full size) and I have to say I love it. The shade is really lovely and very wearable but what I love most is that this stays put ALL day and then you actually have a job removing it. I am now tempted to buy another one in a really pretty shade!


Robert Piguet fragrances - Firstly as you can see I managed to get one of the fragrances everywhere which is because it's a vial sample and not one with a handy spray top - quite annoying! But accident aside I hated all three scents... really too strong, heady and mature. I have found most beauty boxes like to send quite obscure very high end perfumes which I don't really love.

I think this box was quite a varied box though it could of done with one less Dermalogica products and another sample instead. Also really loved the Stila and Leighton Denny products.
I really would say the little makeup bag was a waste of time and not something that is needed in a beauty box that is about trying out products! Also the perfumes were just not good and from reading a lot of other reviews it seems no-one else liked them either. 

Overall I do feel this particular box is worth the money, however it would be nice to see better perfume samples included.

Fee xo. 

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