A Day of Mourning...


As some of you may know I upgraded to a beautiful Nikon DSLR a few months back... well 3 months yesterday to be precise. It wasn't love at first sight but after a week I had got my head around all the buttons and functions and was so impressed by the image quality and what it could do. You see I took Photography for a year at college (I wasn't very good) and since then I have loved taking images even of products that are sharp and crisp and true to life. 

Though sadly a few days ago my camera went a bit funny, it stopped auto focusing and just wouldn't take any photographs... then a day or so later the screen started to go dark and I knew it's days were over. Well actually I was hoping that wasn't the case and I was being a total thicky and it was just a setting that needed to be changed! So I took it back to the retailer I had purchased it from to be greeted by the biggest technophobe who didn't even know how to turn the camera on (this was the person who was supposed to be telling me if it was in fact broken or not). To cut a long story, short, it basically is totally broke and it's only 3 months old!

Looking on the brighter side it is under warranty however I need to now send it off to Nikon (I'm waiting on them sending me some special packaging) so that they can repair it or replace it. I really am going to push for it to be replaced as I don't want a refurbished camera after just 3 months! But what I am mourning over is that I will be without my shiny big camera for over a month... so no taking it to the Manchester Christmas Markets or taking beautiful photos of my nieces on Christmas day... or even pretty images for my blog. 

So today is definitely feeling a bit sad as I now have to revert back to a £40 Samsung camera that really cannot compare... so here are some of my favourite images that I took with my now dead Nikon D3100. 

Fee xo.

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