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So today I thought I'd let you all know about BuyaPowa which is a fairly new website that you may or may not of heard of before! But the reason why I'm mentioning it now is because this coming week they have some really amazing products coming up that would be perfect as a treat or for Christmas presents.

I'm talking Urban Decay everything - the amazing  Naked Palette, Primer Potion, Midnight Emergency Kit, Lip Primer Potion, Brow Box in Honey Pot, Pocket Rockett Lipgloss Duo... not to mention the Muppets OPI Christmas set and a lovely Nars Duo Holiday 2011 eyeshadow! 


Now if you have never heard of BuyaPowa let me quickly tell you what it's all about (but if I don't make any sense then you may be better off watching this video). Take a current co-buy for example (co-buys are what the offers are called) - Neal's Yard Mellisa Hand Care Kit which started off at £25 which is the RRP. However it's currently at £18 but could go for only £15 if more people decide they want to join the co-buy (basically meaning they want to buy the product) so basically the more people that buy the product the cheaper it goes until it sells out.

But of course if you did join in a co-buy it would be in your best interest to get the price down even lower by telling other people - i.e via Twitter, Facebook, family & friends and if you do manage to get the most people on board with that co-buy you receive the product for FREE! A really clever idea. 

So onto the co-buys that are coming up this week...


Now as co-buys run back to back there is no telling when a certain product will be come up... but if you visit the co-buy page (here) you can see which co-buys are currently live and which are coming soon, but most importantly you can sign up for an e-mail alert of the products you are interested in - which if it's something like the Urban Decay Naked Palette then it's most definitely needed, as it is sure to be popular! However the first of the Urban Decay products will be going live on Wednesday I think!

Talking of the Urban Decay Naked Palette...
The Naked Palette has to be the most talked about and loved palettes of 2010 and 2011, and rightly so! This is just such a perfect palette for anyone that loves eyeshadow especially neutral shades that can be worn both in the day and night! I'd actually say these are all the neutral shades you would need bar a few more matte shades - as I know even though I own so so many eye shadows I use this palette 60% of the time! Aside from all the lovely wearable shades I really do love the quality and texture of them all, just so blendable and of course they last so well with the included mini primer potion. All in all this is just one amazing palette which I love so much and really couldn't be without now.

I'm sure this is going to be one fast selling co-buy as I have never seem the Naked Palette at a discounted price before! 


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

This is another loved product for me that I have used for years now and use every time I'm wearing makeup. Before using this I didn't really think much of needing to use an eye primer but then once I tried it I realized why there is such a hype around it! Firstly this smooths over any fine wrinkles on the eyelids and slightly brightens the skin. Plus it also of course keeps your eyeshadow from creasing or fading throughout the day - this is especially great is you have oily lids, for summer when it's hot or holidays or if you just want your eyeshadow to look good all day long. Also this will seriously last you a long time as you only need to use the smallest amount.

Other great co-buys coming up this week...

Lastly you can also request co-buys you would like to see in the future by going to this page and I must say they do actually listen as a few co-buys I have requested have come up! Which is really very great. 

So if you want to be in with a chance of snapping up some Urban Decay bargains make sure to sign up for e-mail alerts. I know I will be definitely checking out the Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit and the OPI Christmas mini set!

Fee xo.

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