NOTD - China Glaze Ring In The Red


Another festive nail polish today... because frankly I am feeling festive! Yesterday I bought my first roll of wrapping paper - always an exciting event (maybe not) and I was also eyeing up some silver and gold spray paint to spray my glossy boxes with to re-use as gift boxes for Christmas! 

 So China Glaze Ring In The Red seemed quite appropriate when I got home last night and oh, how pretty it is! It actually makes me feel slightly like Mrs Christmas!

Ring In The Red is from the China Glaze Holiday 2011 collection and I purchased this in a set of 4 polishes (which you can see in this post here) for £14.50 inc p&p  (seller here). Sadly nowhere seem to really sell China Glaze other than eBay and Sally's, but I have never even been to a Sally's! So it's eBay all the way for me... which as long as it's a UK seller then it's fine by me as they are generally cheaper on there anyway.


As for the nail polish itself it's an easy to apply glitter that is held in a jelly formula, so it is quite sheer for the first one or two coats depending on how thickly you apply it. For me three coats is enough however I feel I did apply it slightly too thick and got a few bubbles which I'm never impressed with when it's a high end nail polish. But oh well... the glitter makes up for it. 

The only similar red glitter nail polish that I have is Barry M's Red Glitter which I thought was pretty damn nice and Christmassy until I got Ring In The Red. The reason I say that is because compared to this the Barry M shade is almost like a dry glitter (you can see it in an old post here) which isn't at all glossy so Ring In The Red for me definitely is the nicer nail polish of the two!


Overall Ring In The Red isn't my favourite out of the set but I do still really like it as it is super Christmassy. I think maybe all it needs is a lighter hand so no air bubbles and a really good glossy top coat to remove the appearance of any glittery bumps and then it would be perfect!

You can see another nail polish - Icicle from the China Glaze Holiday set here, which is also very pretty and festive!

On the subject of Christmas and festive-ness-es! Are we liking the little stars? I am thinking it's a nice build up to this years Christmas background and lovely decorations that I shall be including in all my posts in December... though I want to do it now really! So the stars are stopping me from going into full-on Christmas blogging mode for now! 

Fee xo.

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