NOTD - Mermaid Nails!


Today's nails were taken in really bad lighting last night! But as they are so pretty I felt I have to get over my OCD of having perfect pictures and show you them! 

It's not everyday I'm crazy and give my nails a name but these a totally Mermaid nails... just so shiny and scale like and such a lovely emerald/blue shade.  

Last week after reading a post on The Sunday Girl who's blog you should definitely go have a read of, I purchased some lovely glitter nail polishes from eBay, and I must say I do have enough glitter nail polishes but these just have to be bought as I loved the shades and don't have anything similar! 

The brand JRB is one I have never heard of until I read Adrienne's post, I'm guessing it's one of them cheapy lines that you see on market stalls, but half the time they do have some pretty interesting shades.

I purchase this lovely emerald hexagonal glitter which is number 172 green glitter (£2.50 inc p&p here) along with an amazing plum shaded hex glitter which is number 174 (£2.50 inc p&p here) which looks nothing like it does on the listing... I promise you it is so beautiful. Will make use I take a picture of it soon!

Also the nail polishes I used as a base is the 2True Crystal nail polish in Shade 3 which is £1.99 in Superdrug. So for a total of £4.50 I have some seriously shiny, glittery, unique nails that I have been wearing for the past four days and with no chips or tip wear at all! They actually look like sequined nails so strangely look like I'm wearing nail wraps!

Now I cannot wait to try the plum glitter over a deep red polish or even over some nude nails - which could look really different! 

Fee xo.

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