Top 3 - High Street Gel Eyeliners


For years and years I was a pencil eyeliner girl - no messing about just a quick sweep/drag to line the top lash line and then I would smudge it out - done. But then I discovered gel eyeliners and I really haven't looked back. They last longer on the eyes, they can give a really clean line or a really smoked out line and they never need sharpening! Woo. 

So here are my top three that I really love and have never let me down...


What I look for in a Gel Eyeliner...
 The main thing for me is how it glides along the lash line as I can't be doing with one that drags - I would rather one that wasn't as pigmented as long as it doesn't pull on the eyelid resulting in a rough/uneven line. Which means I always look for soft liners that cover the brush well (I always wipe off the excess on the side of the pot). I also like ones that dries well so no wearing off or fading through-out the day.


Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black - Boots here

I was about to start this with 'this is my favourite go-to eyeliner' however even though I love everything about this I really do rotate all three eye liners. But this one is my favourite all rounder I guess. What I love most about this is the overall quality of it. For just under £8.00 you get a product that comes in a glass jar and with a very good brush that has lasted me really very well and I still do in fact use it with this liner and other liners and even cake/powder lines. Also the liner itself cannot be faulted. Really pigmented, smooth and so far it is exactly the same consistency as when I first bought it at least 6 months ago with no drying out at all. 

This is perfect if you want a nice thin winged out line for the day or a thicker more dramatic line at night. Either way this will stay put and look great!


ELF Studio Cream Liner in Coffee - ELF here

This has to win the Makeup Savvy award for the widest low-cost range! I purchased Coffee because I couldn't find a brown gel eyeliner on the high street (by high street I mean shops like Boots & Superdrug) as sometimes black is just too harsh for the days you want to wear less makeup. However there are 7 more shades in this range - even a white gel liner and ones with shimmer in them! 
The consistency of this is slightly too soft but that does make for an easy application as this glides on perfectly, but it isn't opaque in one, so you do have to go over it again, but that isn't a big deal really. 
The swatch does show it as slightly lighter than it is in real life as it is more of a medium soft brown. The packaging is cheaper than the other products in this post but that isn't an issue becausei it does have a good enough lid and doesn't look too cheap. 

Overall if you want something different than just black then this is the range I would suggest. Will be definitely getting more than just the Coffee and Olive shades that I already have in the near future. 

Barbara Daly Eye Liner Polish - In-store

I've found there are quite a few hidden gems in the Barbara Daly range at Tesco and this is definitely one of them! This is unlike the rest of my gel eyeliner collection as it has a polish finish to it - hence the name. It's not super glossy but it's not matte either, it just has a nice sheen to it... which is well, ummm nice and different! 
 This also comes with a brush, which isn't amazing however it's better than nothing if you are new to gel eyeliner and don't want to be forking out for a brush as well. Again the consistency of this is smooth and just glides on nicely.

As this is exactly the same price as the Maybelline liner I would actually say this one is better for anyone new to gel liners as it isn't a pigmented and gives a nicer finish. But if you do love your gel liners already then the Maybelline is a great opaque liner that can give dramatic results.

 Next up I think I may do my Top 3 Brow Kits or maybe Mascaras. 

If you also love Gel liner let me know your absolute all-time favourite!

Fee xo. 

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