I Gotta Lotta Favourite Eyeshadows!


I thought it was about time I showed more of my make up stash than just a few eye shadows here and there. 

However this is around half of my 'collection' which is always out on my dressing table and so they all get used. I may at another point show you the eye shadows in my 'beauty sin bin' as I like to call it. Which is basically my junk drawer that houses all the products I don't use that often. But it does contain more brighter shades!


1. Rimmel Colour Mousse 8hr -006 Get Fresh 2. 005 Glitz 3. 008 Sassy 4. 007 Breezy 5. No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse - Vanilla 6. Fudge 7. the Balm Batter Up Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow - Home Plate Kate 8. Triple Play Mae 9. No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow - 65 Truffle 10. Bourjois Shimmering Shine - 32 Brun Magnetique 11. Essence eyeshadow - 03 All Time Favourite 12. Marks & Spencer eyeshadow - Soft Khaki 13. 17 Eyes - Statuesque 14. Mardi Gras 15. Bourjois eyeshadow - 72 Violet Absolu 16. 54 Marron Glace 17. 17 eyeshadow - Metallic Toffee 18. Madina Milano - Sea Bright eyeshadow 19. MUA Pearl Eyshadow - Shade 11.

Hmmm, they are all neutrals aren't they?! Not very adventurous at all... but at least all are very pretty. 

My favourite favourites...


These are all the ones I absolutely adore and use the most.. none are that dark but I don't think dark eyeshadows suit me. I much prefer lining my eyes with something darker to give definition that way. 

Rimmel Colour Mousse 8hr eyeshadow in Get Fresh
I love, love, love the whole Rimmel Colour Mousse range and would actually say they are my favourite eyeshadows - consistency wise. But 'Get Fresh' is my favourite shade as it's just the right shade to be worn on it's own when having a lazy make up day or just on the lids with a darker e/s in the socket for when I'm not as lazy! This applies beautifully, looks lovely and lasts really well. The only down side I would say is that it can look a bit crepey on wrinkly eyes, but then again all shimmery eyeshadows can do that!
Bourjois Shimmering Shine in Brun Magnetique
Another total beauty! This was such a lucky find as the Shimmering Shine range has been long since discontinued (I haven't a clue why!) but I stumbled across the shade I wanted on eBay, though there are a choice of two shades on Fragrance Direct (here) for only £2.49 each. This for me is the most perfect liquid eyeshadow - it can be worn quite sheer or opaque, it feels quite light on the lids because it contains water and also looks quite glossy. Just a really lovely eyeshadow that I couldn't be without. 

Madina Milano in Eye Bright
This definitely feels like a special eyeshadow to me as you can't get this in the UK but I also love the packaging and the shape of the eyeshadow itself. This is just so soft and makes a perfect base after primer. I just can't explain it... it looks nothing special but it's far from it!

No7 Stay Perfect eyeshadow in Truffle
This is only a sample size that came free with a gift with purchase but oh, how I love this shade. I think it suits my green eyes quite well and is just such a pretty shimmery brown. I'm sure this will last me forever and a day but once I hit pan I will be straight to a No7 counter to buy the full-sized version as this is my favourite shade No7 do.

Essense eyeshadow in All Time Favourite
With this duo I'm definitely just in love with the top shade as it's my favourite type of brown/mushroom/murky shade to wear. It doesn't look that pretty but on the lids it just has this glow about it that makes it look so beautiful! 
No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse in Fudge
 The whole No7 range of these are just such hidden gems, especially if you like mousse eyeshadows. This metallic brown shade is definitely my most used one out of the four different shades I own and I normally use this on it's own as it's such a perfect shade. This is also perfect for lazy days as it just glides on and blends out within seconds. They are quite pricey at £9 but you need the smallest of amounts and because it's in a tube it doesn't dry up or even separate!


Sleek i Divine Au Natural palette - 1. Cappuccino 2. Moss 3. Bark. Urban Decay Naked palette - 4. Buck 5. Half Baked 6. Smog. Sleek i Divine Storm palette - 7. Bronze/brown shimmer 8. Pale golden shimmer 9. Matte light brown 10. Rusty red/bronze shimmer.

I also really love these three palettes out of the umm 10 + I own. Of course the Urban Decay Naked palette being my favourite, then the Sleek i Divine Storm and then Sleek's Au Natural palette for all the lovely matte shades. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette 
I do mainly use the 3 middle shades (and Virgin & Sin) however all the shades are really lovely - though Sidecar is a bit too glittery for my liking. This is 100% my favourite palette - ever!

Sleek i Divine Storm Palette 
This was my first palette by Sleek and it won me over instantly. All the eyeshadows are so pigmented and just beautiful. There is fall-out with the eyeshadows but that is nothing when you look at the intensity of them all.

Sleek Au Natural Palette 
I am so glad this palette is mainly made up of matte shades as this makes it stand out from all the rest and also makes it a very usable palette for every day use. Again really lovely!

As you can see this post is totally swatch free but I plan to take quite a few images of all my favourites when I wear them (eyeshadow swatches need to be shown on the eye don't they really) and post them up linking to this post!

Now tell me, how many favourite eyeshadows do you have? 

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