A Storage ramble about the Godmorgon range at Ikea!

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I'm going to admit it - I would love for any drawer around my home to look like the above image. 

But the reality is I start off with such good intentions and then within a matter of days the little piles/group of products I have created either fall over in the drawer or everything just gets merged into one... and then it's back to being one big mess again. 

However I know that acrylic storage is the solution... no more products falling into the middle of the drawer when I close it and no getting bored of the rubbish little groups I have made. I still think Muji storage is great and I intend to get a few stack-able drawers in the next month or so, but they are definitely on the dressing table/out of display type of organizers. Whereas the Godmorgon range at Ikea is more for organizing behind the scenes!

The Godmorgon Box with compartments (here) is the main piece that I want when I next take a trip to Ikea for their meatballs. It is kind of pricey however it is quite large and I know it will hold a lot. I intend to use this in one of the two drawers in my wardrobe that is currently just a jumble of different beauty products that I actually rarely go into because it just over faces me! 

From the looks of the organizer there is a divider to the top left part that can hold 16 products (lipsticks & nail polishes would be ideal here), then next to that is two compartments (good for foundation, highlighters and primer I'm thinking). The lower part is definitely my favourite bit of the whole organiser as I love the idea of the top lift-up compartments so you can store more underneath. 

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As you can see in the above picture you can really great use out of the dividers especially for pencil products (I know mine are everywhere) and also mascaras and even concealers. Plus it even has a wider compartment that I will definitely be using to hold extra brushes. 

Underneath there it's just one big compartment I think, so for me this would be ideal for storing most of my eyeshadows as they are currently in an acrylic box on my dressing table but with my huge make-up bag sat on the top of it, so I hardly use the eyeshadows in there and just reach for eyeshadow palettes. 

I just really like the look of this and I could see it being really handy to sort out my junk drawer issue! 

There are more organiser in the range though that interest me! The top Godmorgon set of 5 Boxes with lids (here) is definitely calling me to, especially for them four smaller containers as one would be ideal for hair bands and clips as I'm forever losing them around the house. As for the bigger acrylic box I think that would have to hold all my hair products for doing my hair with - so hair oil, brushes, hair spray, heat protection spray etc. 

Plus I'm thinking the other two holders would be ideal for makeup brushes without their tops on. So definitely worth £8.99.

The other Godmorgon £4.49 drawer divider (here) is cheap but I'm unsure if it would fit into any drawer I wanted it to. But if the measurements are the same as my wardrobe drawers then I will have to get this for my underwear drawer, as again like my makeup junk drawer everything is everywhere so this would make me roll up socks and what nots! Plus the two little hook on holders would be quite handy for bits of things! 

Over the next few months I really want to get more organizers especially with the storage that can't be seen, at the minute most cupboards or drawers I open in my house are just a mess and even though no one can see it, it would definitely make my house totally clutter-free if all of the cupboards had good organizers in them - like boxes and trays and drawer dividers. 

My first project is putting a noticeboard up (covered in pretty fabric) on the inside of my wardrobe door and on the other door a painted white spice rack for all my favourite nail polishes! 

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