A Cheap Beauty Discovery to Better Skin!


Now I rarely recommend skincare products because I am highly aware that every ones skin and environments are different. So the chances that my favourite products will work for even the people with the same skin type as me aren't that high. 

However this recommendation I feel could work for anyone that is wanting to drink more water or wanting to improve the texture and clarity or their skin! 

Just to point out you really don't have to worry this 100% isn't a PR samples or a sponsored post, it's just something I have discovered and have been amazed by.

So around about a month ago I got quite ill and had to go to A&E and the doctor advised me to drink lots of water to help with what I had and also to keep me hydrated. However I'm not really a lover of water and I found if I drank a pint of it quickly I'd feel sick. So I decided to find a none acidic cordial that I could use to make the water more palatable!

cran 2

What I went for
I'm not a lover of Cranberry juice as it's a bit too sharp on the old taste buds but I decided to give the Ocean Spray Cranberry & Raspberry for water (1 litre/£1.99) a go and I must say it's quite nice (much nicer than Robinson's Orange cordial that I use to drink)! As you can see from the back of the bottle it definitely has some benefits and from a bit of further research Cranberries are actually recommended for acne and are actually antioxidants... though it didn't say in what form cranberries are used to help acne. 

Not that scientific, but...
 I can't say I have any proof that adding the Cranberry cordial to water is any better than just drinking water... however I had been drinking water for around a week (and getting sick of it) before I decided to buy the Ocean Spray cordial. With drinking lots of water for a week I had noticed that my skin was looking okay for being ill and not even washing it...yes, I was that ill I didn't bother to wash my face for the first 5 days! However after another week of drinking water with the cranberry & raspberry I noticed a huge difference in my skin and I was back to wearing make-up at that point, which as we know isn't great for the skin.

Here are some pictures of what my skin looks like at the moment...


Left image
The image on the left is me without foundation or anything on my skin at all (though I am wearing eyeliner,mascara and badly filled in eyebrows!) and this literally is the most comfortable with my skin I have ever been and I am actually really pleased with it. I have less blackheads on my nose and chin and less pigmentation around my mouth.

The difference in my skin 
But the biggest difference is in the whiteheads and the texture of my skin - I did use to have two patches of whiteheads either side of my chin which I had to exfoliate every day to keep at a minimum but I still had around 8 in total either side of my chin. But now I literally have just one and that was the most stubborn one and I have actually stopped using my wooden facial brush as I just don't feel like I need it anymore. 

As for the texture of my skin, it really does feel like I have wound the clock back to being 18 again, which does sound odd I know... as I am only 23 and my skin didn't feel dehydrated or rough. But my skin now feels so much smoother and just really soft and less oily especially around my nose and chin. Also the skin on my body in particular my arms has felt a lot softer and like I moisturize everyday... which I definitely don't!

Right image

The right image is under slightly odd lighting in my bathroom but I'm wearing Max Factors Second Skin and I actually took this pic at the end of the day so I had been wearing the foundation and all my make-up for around 8 hours. I have found because my skin is a lot more clear I have started to use a lot less foundation and even less concealer, which is amazing for me.

How much I drink
The 1 litre bottle suggests you can get 20 servings out of it but I drink around 4/5 normal glasses a day and also 1 pint of it quite diluted when I wake up. So I would say I get 30 glasses out of it and a full bottle lasts me around 5 days. Also if you are worried about the sugar content there is a light version.

I'm really not suggesting you all run out and buy this - but if you do already drink cordial or find drinking water hard/want to drink more water then I'd say give this a go for 2 weeks! You may just be surprised at the results like I was.
If you do decide to try this though, I would love to know if it improves your skin, so please if you try it, come back and leave me a comment or tweet!!

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