3 Things I Love About Makeup


I spotted this post on Makeup and Beauty Blog and loved the post so much and the comments that I decided to write my own three reasons here on my own blog. But make sure to read Karen's 3 things as well!


1. Confidence
I am fairly happy in my own skin, I know I'm not amazingly beautiful but then again I really don't mind how my face looks makeup-free, though I wouldn't chose to show my makeup-free face to the world... does that even make sense? I mean I just don't feel the need to go out makeup free as I love using and applying make-up. For me there is nothing like getting ready for an event/party/eating out and just feeling confident because you like the way your eyes look, or how sexy you feel with a statement red lip or even how flawless and contoured your face can look with makeup. I basically love how makeup can give me that extra bit of confidence.


2. A new found passion
For the past 3 years I've become more and more interested with all things beauty related. But for the past two years whilst writing Makeup Savvy I've have developed a real passion for it. I get excited about trying out products and reviewing them, new ranges and reading about skincare and even the history of cosmetics. It really is nice to develop such a love and passion for something and I really never expected to get so hooked! Plus I have found because I love everything to do with beauty I have also learnt so much in all different areas.

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3. Shopping!
Ahhh, shopping. Of course loving makeup involves shopping and oh, how I enjoy it. I love browsing online at Asos Beauty, Boots online, Escentual (but never Superdrug, rubbish site) and Fragrance Direct. But I of course also love going actual shopping to look at new products in the flesh. Though I do wish tester weren't as un-hygienic. All products should be sealed so they can't be used also makeup counter staff could do with acting/looking more friendly! But even if that doesn't change there is nothing like spending the day shopping until my feet hurt!

Would love to know what you love about make-up the most! 

Fee xo.

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