August/September Favourites

September Favs

So this month's favourites are a combination of my favourite products for the past two months as I forgot to do my August favourites! Naughty me! 

I haven't fully reviewed most of the products in this post but if you want to see an individual post on one particular thing with more pics etc just ask and I shall write a post on it! 


Max Factor Xperience Light Ivory 40 (30ml - £9.99 Boots here)
This is unlike any other foundation I own... and I own quite a few! To apply, this is soft, light, so easy to blend and... it smells nice. Shade wise I think the whole range, consisting of 7 shades, are all quite balanced in that they aren't overly yellow or pink toned, so really perfect for a more natural finish. As for finish and coverage I'd say this is a satin/velvety finish that can be built up from a sheer coverage to a medium coverage without looking at all cakey and it is just so lightweight on the skin. At the moment this is my go-to foundation as it really brightens my skin and just looks all round pretty! 

Prestige My Longest Lashes Mascara (£3.49 Boots - Bought on offer) 
I have been meaning to purchase this for months and months, ever since Ruth from A Model Recommends mentioned loving it. However I seemed to have a gazillion mascara on the go (much like my foundations!) so kept telling myself NO! However last month all Prestige products were half price in my local Boots which meant the mascara was only £3.49! Though I'm hoping this doesn't translate to it being discontinued... it is also out of stock on hmmm! Any hows, I love it and now can totally understand Ruth's love for it. It has a nice flexible plastic wand that gets right to the roots and splays out all the lashes nicely and does lengthen without any clumps. It actually reminds me a bit of the No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara... so if you like that and spot this on offer - nab it!

Beauty UK Lip Lust in Envy (7.5g - £2.99 Superdrug)
For the price I am in love with all the Lip Lusts and own 4 of them, however this is my favourite! They are all non-sticky glosses that are really pigmented but Envy is just the most perfect shade for going into Autumn with - it's just the right mix of pink and purple that is very wearable for the daytime (though it is slightly darker in person than the swatch above). Just love, love, love!


Sleek Blush in Rose Gold (8g - Superdrug £4.30)
I have been wanting this for the longest of times and every time I visit the Manchester branch of Superdrug it's never there!  However the wonderful and very generous Natalie from  suggested that she hunt it down for me in her local store... then sent it me along with some lovely nail polishes... so lovely of her! I'm now sooo grateful she did, as this is such a beautiful blush especially when I put a bit of fake tan on as I think it does compliment medium tanned skin really nicely as it quite golden and shimmery. This is also an exact dupe for The Balm's Hot Mama blush which is a pricey £15!
L'Oreal Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow (£8.20 - Tesco) 
Sadly this isn't staying as perfect looking as when I bought it - but that is always the case with most used/loved lipsticks isn't it! Though I do still love that it's transparent and a glowy pink shade. There is also something about it that makes me want to eat it! I think it may be the combination of it being transparent and the lovely tropical scent. The idea of the lip glow is that it's a different shade on everyone... which I kind of don't believe as it is pretty sheer but does give a pretty pink shade to the lips. You can see some more lovely pics of it that I took - here.

body products

DIY Make-up Remover in Muji 250ml Refill Bottle 
This really deserves a post all of it's own, but for now a paragraph will have to suffice! I have been making my own eye makeup/makeup remover for the past half year and haven't strayed at all because it's so simple and so good. This is basically just water and olive oil but the balance of water and oil is perfect to remove all makeup including eye makeup with ease and then I just use a toner to remove any residue. Plus I love that I know exactly what is in it especially as I'm using it on my eyes daily!  

Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash (125ml - Free with past issue of Red mag)
Now I'm not amazingly in love with this as it smells of geranium which I cannot stand..... BUT this is the only body wash that actually gives noticeable results when I use it. Even if I skip moisturizing after having a shower I can still feel the difference in my skin and I can't say I've ever experienced that before with just a shower gel/wash! Plus this is free from all nasties, which I love!
Lush Breath of Fresh Air Skin Toner (100g - £3.75 Lush here)
Now I know toner isn't a necessary part of any skincare routine, but something just draws me to this. I wouldn't say it actually makes much difference but it's really how it makes my skin feel when I apply it. I normally use it just before applying makeup in the morning as it just perks my skin up and makes it feel fresh. I can't really give much more explanation than that but it is a really nice product.
Good Things Soothing Body Butter (300ml - £6.49 Boots/Superdrug)  
Oh my, oh my how I love the smell of this.... not ideal for winter but oh so tropical and yummy! As in yummy enough to eat! For £6.50 you get so much and it's just lovely - creamy, smooth and like yogurt! But most importantly it does actually hydrate the skin and leaves it feeling super soft and of course lovely smelling. Seriously if you spot this whilst out shopping have a cheeky sniff... but no tasting it!

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia (£6.29 - Boots) 
This has to be the most exciting nail polish to be released on the high street for this Autumn, well that is if you find nail polishes exciting like I do! Just really lovely and unique. I did a full post on the polish here so head over there for lots of pretty pictures of the polish on the nails.
Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Rosy Sand (£4.09 - Boots here)
I love the whole Forever Strong Pro range from Maybelline as they apply really nicely and dry really hard so no chips etc! Buttttt this is the shade I have been wearing the most recently as it just such a lovely chocolate shade. It actually really reminds me of hot chocolate or chocolate milkshake, not that I like either but hey ho! It's just really lovely and I don't think £4 is too bad for a good quality nail polish like this.
Star Gazer Ultra Cover nail polish in 305 (£2.50 - Stargazer here)
My eyes light up every time I apply this as I always forget how pretty it is on the nails. It's basically like purple/blue/pink car oil in a puddle - which is a very lovely combination. If you like really interesting shades then this is one for you!
So that is it... another month gone, which means another month closer to Christmas! Which also means some seriously festive things on Makeup Savvy in a few weeks! 

As mentioned if you want to see any products in more depth just ask and a review shall be granted. 

Fee xo.
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