A Look Through Boots Christmas Catalogue - Part 1


Nothing says the run-up to Christmas like the Boots Christmas catalogue, for me! Yes, it does seem ages off but it's actually only 11 weeks away and I'm sure those weeks will fly by once we have past Halloween! 

So here is a bit of a look through this years catalogue with which gifts I love and ones that I found a bit pants! Plus I have also included some mini reviews of products I already own. 

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Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose Gift Set (£34 - here) 
This is the first thing I spotted in the catalogue that made me go 'ooo' because compared to all the other perfume gift sets this is priced really well. I haven't smelt the perfume before but I think I might have to now as I love that is comes with 3 mini Juicy Tubes AND 3 mini Hypnose mascaras. I would love to receive this but also would give it as a gift! 

Models Own Glitter Juicy Jules Nail Polish (£5 - here) 
I have been wanting this for ages now and now it's my mission to get it before Christmas as it will be perfect for Christmas and New Year parties! I'm also tempted with the Orly Star Spangled nail polish (£5) which is next to Juicy Jules as I love a bit of red glitter at Christmas!

second pg

17 Falsifeye Mascara (£6.49 - here) 
For a mascara this is quite a good price and also quite a good product. At first I wasn't that impressed as the formula was a bit too wet for my liking but now a few months on it's much nicer to use. The brush is large with lots of bristles and the mascara is thick so this definitely volumizes the lashes. Perfect for someone that likes dramatic lashes!

L'Oreal Superliner Luminizer (£6.49 each - here) 
Ahh I so wish I could say I liked this product because the packaging is so pretty, but I just found it to be rubbish! The shades just aren't that nice because they contain too much black in my opinion but the main thing for me was that it wears off the outer corners of the eyes within an hour for me. It isn't meant to be waterproof but this comes off way too easy and then looks a mess. 


Sanctuary Spa Skin Quenching Collection (£12 - here) 
Now it's not that £12 is expensive, it's the fact that a 5oml Sanctuary mini is £2.40 in Boots... which would make the set £9.60, so you are basically paying the extra for the packaging which isn't that amazing! I would say this set at £10.47 is much more worth it as you can't even buy the mini Mela products at travel size.

No7 & Poppy King Celebrate Balmy & Beautiful (£10 - here) 
I spotted this in Boots yesterday and out of all the other No7 sets this was my favourite because of it's contents and the price. The gold lipstick case is really pretty and the mini lipsticks are really cute and they also double up as cheek tints. Just a nice gift for £10 and it's on 3 for 2 - perfect!


Biotherm Skin Ergetic Anti-Fatigue Concentrate Serum (£35 - here) 
Now of course if someone specifically asked for this as a gift from someone then it would make a nice present. But imagine if you received this and hadn't asked for it - how insulted would you be! haha

Trilogy Gift Set (£19.50 - not online) 
If you know someone that already likes Trilogy or even more superior skincare products then this would make a lovely present. As you can see I already have the Trilogy Rosehip oil and would say it's perfect with anyone with dehydrated skin or wanting to really keep their skin ultra soft during winter.


Mini Hot Water Bottle (£12 - here) 
This would be an ideal Christmas present for me as I'm always cold/moaning about being cold, plus I will have just come back off holiday so will be extra cold! This will 100% be on my Christmas list for Mr. Savvy!

Extracts Mini Mix Gift Bag (£6 - here) 
These may be small sets but for £6 they make perfect gifts if you are on a budget or just want to get someone a little something. Also they come in 3 different scents which is nice with Cranberry being the nicest I think. 

I will be posting part 2 tomorrow which will contain a couple of fragrance reviews and more lovely gifts! 

Fee xo.
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