Makeup Savvy in Pure Beauty Magazine!


Just over a year ago I was featured in Company magazine which was A-mazing and now I'm in another magazine - Pure Beauty! I have a nice little column on the 'Caught in the Web' page and also a preview of my Models Own nail polish post on the same page. 

The magazine is actually a hard copy magazine that you can subscribe to however you can also amazingly read every issue online for FREE!

new pn

Just click on the magazine above to view it - I'm on page 63! But even if you aren't that interested in me, the magazine is really worth a look as it shows a lot of upcoming products each month and also behind the scenes with brands which I always find interesting. 


You can also find the post above - here if you want to read it in full.

Thank you all so much for being my readers as without you all I wouldn't be able to see myself in an actual magazine and get butterflies :)

Fee xo.

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