A Look Through Boots Christmas Catalogue - Part 2


So I'm back with Part 2 with more nice gifts and a few dodgy ones as well!

If everyone likes these type of Christmassy gift posts then I may have to take my camera with me next time I'm out shopping and snap some pictures of all the new products to hit the shelves for Christmas in Lush, Boots, The Body Shop etc! 


Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub (£9.45 - here)
If you know someone that likes Soap & Glory or you haven't tried this specific scrub yourself - get it! It's that simple. I don't actually know anyone that hasn't not loved this. It is pricey for a scrub but you do get a lot of product which lasts quite a long time... and it's just amazing. The smell of this is just perfect and it's such a joy to use in the shower. 
Philosophy Ornament Collection (£7 each - out of stock online! Nooo) 
As soon as I saw these my eyes lit up and I rushed onto my laptop to order at least 3 for presents to my local store (as I know only the huge stores will have them) to only find that they are all out of stock! But I'm thinking these have never been in stock yet... so I'm crossing my fingers & toes that they will be back online soon. Such lovely gifts and for Philosophy this is so cheap!

Strictly Come Dancing Cosmetic Palettes (£10 each - sorry I just can't link to such a rubbish product!) 
Some people may love these and to them people I'm sorry if I offend you.... but really these are just so rubbish. The packaging is so cheap and the products are all the most basic you will find, all squished together with glosses next to powder products (my pet peeve). I have frankly seen 17 and No7 do better free gifts than this. 
Champneys Spa Oriental Opulence Collection (£12 - here
I know quite a few people in my family who would like this - the red is definitely very festive and Champneys actually do really nice quality products. This will be another gift that I will be getting on the 3 for 2 offer I think. 
third pg

Guerlain Insolence Gift Set (£35.50 - here)
I have purchased Guerlain's Insolence three times since it was brought out and last year my lovely boyfriend bought me this exact set (different box though) and I loved it. I still have a small amount of the shimmering body milk left and can confirm it is really lovely and not at all glittery or even that overly shimmery... so it does actually feel like a good product rather than a free gift with the perfume, which is how some sets can seem when the bath/body products are cheaply made and not like the fragrance. I think I will always love Insolence as it's just smells of violets, which I love.
Paco Rabanne 1 Million Gift Set (£37 - here)
(Reviewed and written by Mr Mcup Savvy) 
Normally I go for smell over how a fragrance looks or how its packaged. I prefer a distinctive smell with my fragrances and something not overly manly. So when I received this last Christmas from 'her in doors' in my mind a small part of me did the whole 'does she even know me at all' strop but once opened, it was (to use a makeup savvy quote) love at first sniff and obviously I was too hasty, with balance quickly being restored back to Fee knowing me better than I know myself. Plus I secretly love the whole bar of gold bit.
So to sum up One Million it is a distinctive slightly fruity all rounder with a sophisticated and fresh aroma. Basically an ideal gift for 'Him Outdoors'.

PS. Ladies let me know if I should ditch the day job and have a page of my own on here xoxo (Maybe not, this took ages!)


Hello Kitty Liberty Sweet Sweeps Brush Wrap (£12 - here)
Okay I admit I may just want this for the Hello Kitty/Liberty print and the brushes won't be the best quality, so maybe not the best present to ask for. But this could be perfect for any teenager that is getting into makeup and doesn't own any brushes at all as it's still girly but the print is more grown up than standard Hello Kitty.
Olay Complete Care Gift set (£10 - here
Now I know a lot of older people use Olay so these sets are be nice for some but really did they have to include a reusable shopping bag! I mean what better way to tell someone they are old by buying them a boring shopping bag.

FCUK Signature Secret Getaway Mini Collection (£6.79 - here)
Each Christmas I seem to receive at least one FCUK gift set and always end up using all of the products and enjoying it! My favourites have to be the body scrub, body lotion and the body spray, which I recently bought for keeping in my handbag. 
All the gift sets this year seem really nice and affordable! 
 Boots Extracts Mango Sugar Scrub (£7.92 - here)
For months and month I had wanted this and would regularly have a smell of it when in Boots because it was just for sugary and fruity smelling which is what firstly drew me in. 
So I was sadly disappointed when I finally bought it and discovered it left a really greasy/sticky residue on the skin after using it in the shower. I basically found this really odd and pretty damn rubbish! Sorry, Boots. 

  So even though I think a lot of the gifts in this years Boots catalogue are over priced, there really are some lovely gifts in it  as well and the 3 for 2 offer is always great!
You can find Part 1 - here

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