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Hopefully you won't all be getting bored of the frequent nail posts. But it was either write another nail post (with some pics I had on file) or post nothing at all, as I'm pretty unwell at the moment.

So I went for the 'write another nail post' option as even though my last blog post was only a few days ago I'm already missing blogging... but when I'm also missing getting dressed and wearing makeup and feeling like a human being! But I'm sure by late next week I will be feeling a lot better as I'm not good at being an ill person! 

 After I tried the Models Own Pro Matte Top Coat over the new Revlon Facets of Fuchsia (post - here) and decided I really liked the effect of it, I promptly removed it all and tried it with a few other glitter polishes and this one was my favourite. Now I don't actually love matte nails that much but there is just something about it over glitter, it just seems to make it more wearable and grown-up! It also seems to make the glitter more interesting as it glows instead of sparkles on the nails which is a nice effect.


So as I was layering a number of polishes I opted for nail polishes that only needed one coat each as I hate having tons of layers on my nails that never fully set underneath and then mush off (yes, this is the correct terminology) when you open a can or do your hair etc! 

The first polish I used for the base was Models Own Concrete Mixer (£5/Boots - here) which is pretty much opaque in one coat. I decided to go for something completely different shade wise from the pink glitter as I do like to have a bit of a contrast and it does just tone down such a bright glitter for the day.

Next I applied one coat of Models Own Magenta Divine (£5/Models Own site - here) which if I'm honest isn't as easy to apply as other glitters, which I'm thinking is because it doesn't contain much clear nail polish so it doesn't glide on as well. But then again that makes it perfect for opaque glitter nails!


Anyways so as you can see from the very top image the glitter looks nice without the top coat but a bit sharp and kind of like you may have sprinkled glitter onto the nails with a cheap craft set! 
The final coat after the glitter of course was the Models Own Pro Matt Top Coat (£8/Boots - here) which again only needed one thin coat.... and then Voila!

I think in Summer I would just opt for a base polish and then the glitter as it is fun looking and also perfect for on the toes. 

But wearing it with a slightly more neutral base polish and making it matte makes it a lot more wearable for Autumn/Winter.

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