Give Me Ideas for FREE Beauty Blog Headers!


Remember my free beauty blog headers that I posted back in March? Well it's time for some more! But the thing is I want to do lots this time and also a few fashion/style ones as well. 

So who better to ask for ideas than you! Seeing as you will be the ones making use of them... hopefully!

The two above are my favourite from my last lot of free blog headers, so if you want to use one just click to enlarge it and then copy and paste (but I would be grateful if you could mention that I supplied it somewhere on your blog). 

Anyways back to ideas! I have a few ideas already but if you are looking for something then please do tell me and I will see what I can do. I'm thinking more nail polish headers like the one below but in more autumnal shades and maybe some MAC products... for all you MAC lovers out there! 

But even if you want say a picture of a Sleek blusher with the mirror only in focus (like above but without my hand) so you can write you blog name in there, or if you want some spilt red nail polish... literally whatever you think would make a great header, let me know and I will see what I can do. Also I can do similar blank headers like my own blog header with just random swatches than you can get just write your blog title over!  

So if you are thinking or getting a new header or wanting to get a bit of an upgrade then tell me what you would like to see in the next few days.

The more suggestions the better!
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