Revlon Facets of Fuchsia A/W 2011


Okay, my nail polish obsession is back and in full force... but I'm trying to resist, which is why I only picked up one polish from the new Revlon A/W collection. 
Though I have a feeling I'll be picking up another nail polish next week, no doubt. Anyone else do that to remove the guilt of buying everything all in one go?! 

Last week I nipped into Boots to see the new Revlon Polishes and to my surprise they had all the new shades in - Facets of Fuchsia, Gold Coin and Smokey Canvas (£6.29 full price). Now it would of been an excellent time to purchase all three as they had £2 off all Revlon nail polishes. But I'd just been into H&M and bought a lovely red satchel bag and some new loafer style heels that are very easy to walk in for once... I digress. So I was faced with the dilemma of which shade to pick... the woes of being a beauty blogger hey!!

Awful picture, but it does show how it needs a topcoat or else it can look quite bumpy!
I clearly picked Facets of Fuchsia as you can see it in this post, but I must say I was very tempted by Smokey Canvas as it's right up my street along with all my other 'boring' shades. As for Gold Coin I'm not too sure as I'm always lured in by how they look in the bottle but that light golden shade always looks a bit wishy washy against my pale-ish skin but never the less it is a beautiful polish that would look stunning on others. 


As for Facets of Fuchsia it definitely lives up to how it looks in the bottle and from comparing a million swatches of Deborah Lippmann's expensive Bad Romance polish I can pretty much say it is a dupe for it, but it you wanted to get really picky I'd say Facets of Fuchsia has slightly pinker glitter in it but the same size glitter and same black gel base.


From applying the first coat I wasn't impressed formula wise... it was streaky and very sheer as the glitter is held in a black jelly formula and typical of Revlon polishes also quite runny... so make sure to wipe the excess off or you can easily flood the nail bed. Though by the second coat all has been forgotten as it seems to transform from a watery, sheer polish to an opaque dazzling nail polish. So from thinking it was going to be a definite three coater I'd say you only need two and then a top coat to make it look and feel perfect.

For the price this nail polish really does have a luxury feel to it which is something Revlon do well I think and they definitely do glitter polishes well!

All in all an amazing polish that will be very much loved when the weather becomes crappy cold & nasty to cheer me up.

Next one to buy - Smokey Canvas! 

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