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I'm back!
And with a sample set I have been wanting to talk about for a while... and what better time to share it with you than now, as are offering free p&p (normally £1.95) until 25th September!

Now I feel this product and the Escentuals Try B4 You Buy range needs some explaining which is always boring, but needed, so here it is as condensed as it can be -

So the website that sells low to high-end fragrances, makeup and skincare came up with the clever idea of 'Try B4 You Buy' sets at the beginning of 2011 if my mind serves me correct. The idea is that you purchase a sample set normally containing a wide variety of samples of a specific brand and each set comes with an online voucher (the same value of the set) to be spent on any full size product from that brand. For example I purchased the La Roche-Posey set for £10 to try out the range of sun creams and then received a £10 voucher via e-mail which I spent on the Anthelios XL SPF 50+ (£16.50) which made it only £6.50. Or if you are re-purchasing a La Roche product it would make the sample set free in theory!

What you can expect from the £10 La Roche-Posay sample set...


As you can see the set contains quite a large amount of samples - 32 in fact! However there are 16 individual products in total as you get two of each, which is nice to fully try them out or to use one and then put one away for traveling with. 

Now even though I was really impressed with the amount of samples I have to say it is surprising quite confusing when all the samples get jumbled up, for three reasons. 
1. They are all duplicated so you try one and then you aren't sure which you have used and which you haven't. 2. All the product names are all in french so it is hard to remember which one does what. 3. None of the product contain usage directions, so even though most are self explanatory I found I had to go back onto the Escentuals site to find how to best use some of them.   

Slight negatives aside all the products are really good sizes and 8 of the samples are actually 15ml each which is pretty good! Plus you get a detailed booklet that explains each range and which products will suit you the most.

Samples I have tried so far...


Lipikar Lait - Lipid Replenishing Body Milk Anti-Dryness
This is for dry, uncomfortable skin so I've been using this after epilating and it's been really nice. It's quite hydrating and soothing but not too thick. Overall  it just feels a more superior moisturizer than a lot I have tried in the past.

Lipikar Baume AP - Lipid Replenishing Body Balm Anti-Irritation Anti-Scratching
I have tried this on myself but actually been forcing my boyfriend to use it on his dry arms as they get quite itchy. This is definitely thicker and more balm like than the above product and a lot more cooling. Could really see this being great for really dry skin or psoriasis.

Anthelios AC 30 SPF Fluide Extreme
Really impressed with this, which is why I purchased the full size product SPF 50 version for my holiday in December and for next summer. I have been looking for a suncream that won't make my face more oily or break me out for a long time now and this is just perfect and also acts as a good base for makeup in fact. Soaks in instantly and can't be felt on the skin at all - amazing!

Effaclar M - Sebo-Regulating Mattifying Moisturiser
I was also tempted to purchase this as well as I liked it so much, but think I will use my samples up first and then look on eBay for it. I have been using this before applying my makeup in the morning and it definitely gives a matte finish to the skin and a good base to apply foundation onto.
Toleriane Riche - Soothing Protective Cream
I have been using this on my boyfriends face at night as I keep telling him his crows feet are due to his skin being dehydrated and because he never moisturizers. So even though I haven't personally tried this I can tell it's really great for dry, sensitive skin.

Effaclar Duo - Corrective and Unclogging Anti-Imperfection Care
I'm not too sure about this product as I'm not one for using moisturizer/cream to cure my imperfections. Though I have tried using this as night around my T-zone but haven't seen much in the way of results as I have only used it a few times.

As mentioned I purchased the Anthelios SPF 50+  fluide sunscreen for the face with the £10 voucher which brought it to £6.50.

Overall I'm super impressed with the Try B4 You Buy sets and can't wait to use the suncream on holiday - yes, I get excited over SPF.. and of course holidays!

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