Pretty New Things


Ohhh Sparkly, Sparkly! 
This is actually how I have been feeling for the past two days as I'm finally better and feeling so happy that I'm all back to normal! 

So I thought I'd do a nice chilled out, happy post of all the things that are new in the world that it Makeup Savvy, though quite a few things are more fashion oriented.


Boom Boom Pow, take that Deborah Lippmann!
Now I really don't have anything against Deborah Lippmann per se, but I do have a problem with £14 nail polishes! So I was more than happy to discover a £2 dupe for Boom Boom Pow. Swatches of this lovely £2 nail polish will be up this week I'm sure but here is a swatch of Boom Boom Pow. The only difference that I can see is that DL's version has more micro glitter in it so if both polishes were placed over a black base then they would look different. But other a nude which is how I intend to wear it - these two look near identical. But even if you don't care about dupes... both the silver and the gold glitter are lovely. I purchased both for £2 each via eBay.

The October Issues
The September issues for me were a bit of a let down as I was really craving ideas for what Autumn clothes to buy but they were all sadly full of adverts and high-end trends than my simple mind just cannot translate into normal everyday looking trends.But this month's Red has a few interesting reads and I'm really liking the beauty guide in Marie Claire and the high-street fashion guide in Instyle.


My First Ever Satchel
I spotted this in the H&M catalogue a few weeks back and my eyes lit up when I saw that it was only £15. So I waited until I actually went shopping to have a look at it in-store to check out the quality and even though it doesn't look expensive (because it's not...) it does look okay for the price I think! Really like the plaited detail to the handle and the buckles and the shade of it the most. Compared to Primark who have upped their prices recently, so their bags cost around about £15 as well, this is much better quality than that. So definitely worth it and they also do it in a chestnut shade if red isn't your colour! 


Asos Wedges for £15,You Say?
Firstly, how clear is this image? That is 5pm after raining all-day lighting for you! 
Now I am not actually crazy and planning to wear these anytime soon, they are actually for my holidays in December. Oh yes I am jetting off to Lanzarote for a bit of winter sun and I come back a week before Christmas, lovely! Anyways back to the shoes... so there beauties were an amazing £15 in the ASOS Outlet down from £50. Sadly they only have sizes 7 & 8 in the tan left but they have all sizes still available in the grey and I really do recommend these, even for putting away for next summer as the quality of these are great and imagine will look great on everyone and with most outfits. A total bargain! 

ASOS Hetty Wood Wedges in Tan here and in Grey here.


Off the Fence with GlossyBox
I have been umming and arrring for the past two/three months about these typing of boxes and really was coming to the conclusion that a beauty lucky dip monthly subscription even though new and interesting, just couldn't work. But I opened this months Glossy Box and was pleasantly surprised, as I felt this box had a little bit more thought behind it and wasn't trying as hard to impress with those big names. However even though I'm off the fence, lets just say I have my dress caught up there still! I am going to reserve full judgement for now as I think this is something my thoughts could change on from month to month depending on the contents of the box, until the brand is more established and then I can have an opinion overall and not just based on the contents that month... if that makes sense!

But for this month - I am a happy bunny with HD eyebrows.


H&M Online have an IQ of 30.
H&M's poor online service strikes again! If you have shopped online at H&M I am 99.9% sure you will already know what I mean. But if you haven't then please, please trust me when I say it's the worst large online retailer. As a brand, in-store it is perfectly fine, with nice staff and pretty good changing rooms (though they could do with losing the bum/back fat angled mirrors). However online is a different story all together. Firstly it seems to close every night (yes, I'm still talking about their website) which I can handle, but it is a bit annoying as it is the Internet and not a shop! Secondly their £3.95 delivery takes... hmm lets see - 4 weeks if you are lucky and 8 weeks if you aren't so lucky! 

But H&M has stooped to new levels... by sending me the lovely pair of shoes I ordered - TWO SIZES too small! Now this clearly isn't a mistake but H&M just being extra rubbish as you order in UK sizes so I ordered a Size 7 and so the order form shoes the UK size. However the shoes size on the actual shoes are EU sizes... which would make a UK size 7 a EU40. The size of these wonderful looking doll shoes.... EU38 (UK 5). One word - Rubbish.

So that is all I have to share! 

But I'm soooo pleased to be back to blogging and tweeting. 

Fee xo.

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