DIY Perfume/Jewellery Trays


I thought I'd share something a bit different today as aside from make-up I love interior design and just making things look pretty! But this also kind of fits in with makeup/perfume as you could place this on your dressing table to display all your perfumes on or even all your favourite lipsticks, lined up.

Plus the whole thing takes 5 minutes at the most to make and can be done on just a few pounds!


Firstly you need to decide what you want your tray to be for and what size. Then when you have decided, you need to look for an appropriate image - look and size wise. The first tray I did was just to put some jewellery on and other bits and bobs so I tore out an advert in Marie Claire by Ralph Lauren that I really liked. But as a lot of ads do have writing on then it may be better going to B&Q or a DIY shop and getting a few wallpaper samples that have a design on that you like. 

Next you need to buy or find a frame - Size wise I would say nothing below A4 size as it will look like a photo frame. But if you are wanting a tray for your dressing table then a long rectangular aperture frame would look perfect or any thing with a lip/edge.


Next you need to remove all hooks and arms from the back of the frame if it has any - so that the frame will lie down flat and not rock at all. At this point you can also paint the frame if you don't like the colour of it. During all of this I would suggest you take the glass out of the frame as you don't want to crack it whilst removing the hooks etc.

Once you have your frame all ready, lay the sheet of glass down on the BACK of the image and if it is too big draw around the glass and cut the image to size that way. There really in no point in messing with measuring it. 


Extra Idea 

Want a mirrored perfume tray or just a pretty mirror for your dressing table? 
 I have done this a few times and it so easy and cheap! If instead of an image/pattern you want a mirror,  then take the glass from the frame to a glass merchants or you can ring them for a quote (but make sure to have the measurements to hand) and they will cut you the same size but in mirror glass, which you can take home and put in the frame (minus the original glass of course)!

It really is so simple but as you can see just a paper printed advert looks so different under a sheet of glass! Plus you will always be able to change it for free whenever you get bored of it.

Or if you don't want to use it as a tray anymore you can...


Just propping it up behind objects can really add a bit of interest and create a nice back drop for ornaments... or of course if you have replaced the glass with mirror glass you can always re-add a hook and hang it, especially if it's a decorative frame! 

So with only a few pounds you can really create something this is versatile and swish looking! 

Fee xo.

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