My Holiday Box!


I thought I'd take the chance while the sun is (amazingly) shining to write a holiday post... so you don't all get jealous. Though NOTD's by the pool whilst on holiday in December may undo that!! 

Okay, so I'm not going anywhere that amazing but to me a holiday is a holiday and warmth in December that isn't from a radiator or multiple layers of clothing is amazing. My destination? Lanzarote, on Dec 13th.. so I get back just before Christmas! But as I'm already excited I have created myself a box of all the things I won't be using now, but will be ideal for whilst on holiday (as the weather is only going to get colder here).  



My main reason for starting a holiday box was I wanted to put the miniature perfumes I plan on using on holiday, somewhere safe as I'm bound to use them up before December if I just left them with all my other full-size perfumes. 

So the first perfume that I knew I had to put to one side was the Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties 'G' 10ml fragrance as this just screams sun,sea and sand to me and is the perfect size to take away (minus the doll of course). Next is a good size sample of the new Prada Candy that I can't get enough of and I know it will be perfect as an evening scent. Lastly is Eternity by Calvin Klein 5ml which is a favourite perfume of mine that I first purchased on holiday many years ago, so it always reminds me of holidays and wearing it in the heat. 


Makeup Miniatures 

This of course isn't ALL the make up I will be taking with me, but just miniatures that I know I will end up using up before December so want to keep them safe so I can use them all on holiday. 

Benefit Posie Tint 4ml - I'm not wowed by this but it is a nice multi-use product that is pretty on both the lips and cheeks and always looks natural. I'm sure I'll get some use out of it whilst on holiday and not wearing too much makeup.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl 7.5ml - This is one of my favourite highlighters that I would purchase full size if it wasn't as expensive or so wasteful (with the wide applicator). I actually much prefer this to High Beam as it's a touch warmer in shade and smells lovely!

Urban Decay Mini Midnight Cowboy lipstick -  This is so tiny but perfect for a hint of sparkle and to even out the lips a bit. It's also quite hydrating for a lipstick and tiny enough to take everywhere even when not using a bag.

Mini Bare Minerals Kabuki Brush - I actually picked this up from a Bare Minerals counter when they had an offer on for a free mini foundation sample and brush and it's been so handy ever since. It is pretty tiny but surprisingly good enough to use as a blush brush... and the less brushes I take the better as I know I will want to take too many! 

Nuxe Multi-Usage Dry Oil 10ml - I received this in September's GlossyBox but knew I would be using it for the sake of using it now. So included it in the box as I know I will use it on holiday when my skin is feeling a bit drier from swimming and also on the ends of my hair.


Sun Protection & Bronzing 

Suncream and bronzing are two important things to me on holiday. Of course suncream being the main importance as I am pale and would burn if I didn't use anything above SPF 30. 

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50+ SPF Fluide Extreme 50ml - This is a new purchase for just using on my holiday but I have tried it on my face and have been really impressed. For years I have applied suncream that has been too thick/greasy for my oily skin and suffered from spots in summer because of it... but no more! It was pricey but as I will just be using it on my face I'm sure it will last quite some time.

Bourjois Delice de Soleil for face & body 75ml - I have a feeling I have just under half left of this so have put it in the box so I'm not tempted to use it on 'pale days'. I am planning on having a spray tan before I go as I'm sure I will be super pale come full-on winter, so hopefully this won't be too light so that I can use it to contour my face and chest area. 

Shimmering Lip & Eye Screen SPF 30 - This is rubbish on the eyes but works great on the lips especially when swimming as the rays bounce up from the water, plus it is water-resistant. Also I have found it is great to quickly apply to the backs of the hands to prevent nasty sun spots! 

Kiko Sunscreen SPF 30 - This is just for when I will be going out all day but need to touch up on sunscreen especially on the nose and ears!


Other extras...

Sleek Blush Santorini from Mediterranean collection 8g - This isn't a blush I have had much much use out of but I'm really hoping with a tan on holiday I will! This is a lovely hot pink blush that I know will look great with MAC Impassioned on the lips.

DHC Velvet Skin Coat 1g each - This is just a staple for me now but is the last of my tiny samples so I'm keeping them safe and will eventually purchase the full size. This is great for making my makeup last in warmer weather and really creates a flawless base so will be nice to wear at night.

House of Fraser Therapy Sunglasses - I love these as they were such a bargain at £3.00 down from £12.00 in the end of season sale recently. 

I'm sure I will be adding to the box over the coming months but for now I'm really pleased with what I have in there as I think it's always nice to use good products on holiday that make you feel special! 

Fee xo.

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