Yesterday I thought of a simple idea of starting 'Currently' posts to do every now and again. Just showing what I'm liking, what I've purchased recently, what I'm reading and so on - just as a bit of a round-up really. As I always seem to have a million products I want to talk about but never enough hours in a day to write all the blog posts I want to write.

Plus it seems a pretty good excuse to take lots of pretty images!



Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Mulberry (Boots £7.99)
- After reading Jane's (Modesty Brown) post on the new  Max Factor lipstick range and seeing the lip swatches I decided to go and swatch a few and I came away with quite a daring choice for me - Mulberry. At £7.99 which would normally be steep for me, I'm really impressed. As MF state, the lipsticks  are very moisturizing and feel a lot light on the lips and no having to worry about it clinging all the dry bits. I've also been loving Revlon's Cherries in the Snow with is also another daring choice for me! 

HD Brow Palette in Foxy (couldn't seen to find any stockists online) - This came in the September GlossyBox and so far I have been using it daily without fail. My brows are quite a few shades lighter than my hair so I need something to define and darken them when I forget to get them tinted. This really does create a totally different look than using any eyebrow pencil or even the Elf brow kit I was previously using. I hate companies using the words 'HD' or '3D' but this actually does give a high definition than other products. Really great. 

Impressed by...


Nice n Easy Perfect 10 Permanent Colour Hair Dyes (here £7.14) - I literally never re-purchase the same hair dye twice, don't ask me why... I just never seem to. So when my hair needed dying I went for these two - the Light Brown to cover my light roots and then the Medium Auburn to make it more autumnal. However I have only used the Light brown dye so far as I'm really happy with the colour. So for once I actually think I will be re-purchasing this hair dye as I've always found even with light brown dyes that they always appear darker than on the box but this was so spot on. Here is a Twitpic of what my hair looks like now and as you can see I have pretty long hair and one box was enough! Also I love, love, love that the developing time is only 10 minutes! 
Spending on...


L'Oreal Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow (Tesco £8.00) - I finally purchased this last week after only finding tested ones... I actually asked a general assistant if she could look in the drawer for me.. and voila! I'm so glad I bought this as it really is a nice product that feels very fresh to the high-street (though I'm sure we will see many brands doing it before the years out). The lip balm bullet (I really don't like that word for lipsticks) is as you can see - totally transparent with a pink/orange glow to it. The idea is that it is a slightly different colour on everyone, but on me it's just a nice pinky shade that is sheer. Lovely, lovely!

Primark Two-tone Leopard print scarf - extra long (£4.00) - I've been looking for an interesting leopard print scarf for a while now and finally came across an ideal on in Primark. It's super long so it can be worn more like a snood or just wrapped around once to just hang down. Really love the orange with the pink.. just really pretty.



Grazia Magazine (£2.50)
- I don't read Grazia magazine often but when I do I quite enjoy it as it's seems a bit more sophisticated than some of the other celeb/fashion mags. So I picked up this month's as it's their biggest issue ever with a massive 298 pages for only £2.50. It has lots of wearable fashion ideas for Autumn and also quite an interesting interview with Chloe Green who is daughter to Topshop mogul, Philip Green.

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters (Amazon £4.99) - This is one of my most read/favourite books that I've just started re-reading again as the story has different twists and turns that I always seem to forget parts of it. This book is actually nothing like all the other books I tend to go for - I'm very much a chic lit Sophie Kinsella type of reader. But there is something about this book that is really interesting and gripping almost like you are observing the lives of the two girls that feature in this book. An amazing read if you love  period books that really draw you in with the drama that goes on.



Famous by Sue Moxley Lip Collection in Peachy Pink (Superdrug half price £4.50) - As the only lipstick palette on the high street I was really pleased to get this but I soon realized it was a 'meh' product. Don't get me wrong, the shades are nice but the formulation just isn't there, at all. It pains me to say it but the 2nd baby pink shade is just a joke, it is gritty and very similar to the cheap make-up that you find in them huge sets. The other shades look lovely on the lips but are too oily in texture so last 10 minutes. Great packaging, lovely shades... just a shame they didn't spend their time on getting the right formulations to make this a hit.

E.l.f Mineral Booster in Sheer (Elf £3.50) - I actually had to go back to the Elf website to remind myself what this product was supposed to do before writing this... which kind of shows my problem with it. It just doesn't do anything for me.... it may as well we a transulent powder that doesn't work. It doesn't make my skin look any different, feel any different and it doesn't make my make-up last any longer. Though I do quite like their Mineral Foundation from the same range!

Barbara Daly Tesco Shimmering Highlighter (£2.50) - I definitely go sucked into buying this because of the price and the nice packaging. But in reality this is just a rubbish quality loose powder highlighter that is way to glittery to work. I may use this on holiday on my collar bone but other than that this will sadly reside in my beauty sin bin (i.e my junk drawer)! 

On the nails...


This the Deborah Lippmann Boom Boom Pow dupe I was talking about last week. Now if I had of used a fine gold glitter polish as well then this would be a really good dupe, but either way I really do love this Saffron Gold Sparkles Nail polish that I bought on eBay for £2! The base coat I used was Ciate My Fair Lady which I got free with Marie Claire in August. 

I just really like the effect of glitter over nude nails! 

Smelling of...


Guerlain Insolence Eau de Parfum (Debenhams £40.50 for 30ml) - This was lovingly bought for me by my fiance for something that we both do called 'treat week' in which we randomly treat each other when we fancy it! So last week he came home with a beautifully wrapped box containing this as he knew I had run out of the eau de toilette version! He also impressively bought me some make-up and chocolate sea-shells, awww!

So this is what I have been wearing religiously for the past week as it's just so feminine and smells of violets, just lovely. 

Really hope you have enjoyed this post! 

Fee x.

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