Boudoir Prive & How it Compares to Glossy Box


After my review of the Glossy Box (here) a lot of the comments and tweets showed an interest in what Boudoir Prive would have to offer. Well the wait is over and we can finally see if it will be a better option to the box Glossy Box provides. 

Well instantly I can say that the two boxes are totally different and are targeted at different demographics entirely. Which is actually quite nice as really what would be the point of two monthly beauty box subscriptions being very similar, seeing as the concept is so new.

How It Works 
For £10 a month with free delivery you receive 5-6 deluxe size samples. The types of products will fall into skincare, body care, hair, makeup, lifestyle or fragrance categories. The subscription works on a monthly basic by direct debit and can be canceled at any time.


  • Olavie Antioxidant Body Body medium sample (Full size - 240ml/£43.55)
  • Jane Iredale PureLash Extender & Conditioner small tube (Full size - 89ml/£13.00)
  • Sachajuan Conditioner 100ml sample (Full size - 250ml/£20.00)
  • Bloom Green tea & White tea duo  2 teabags (pack of 10 teabags/£4.00)
  • Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream good size pot (Full size -50ml/£82.00)
  • Etat Libre D'Orange - Like This small vial (Full size - 50ml/£74.00)
  • Etat LibreD'Orange - Rien small vial (Full size -50ml/£52.50)
I actually saw the contents before I received my own box through Twitter and other beauty blogs and I have to say I instantly thought it looked a bit on the bland side and definitely not my cup of tea. But once I received it I actually surprised myself by how much I liked it... I spent at least ten minutes looking over the products, opening them and giving them a good sniff. My instant though was that it was more focused than the Glossy Box and definitely more interesting. 


The Good 
Out of all six products I only knew of two brands - Jane Iredale and Etat Libre D'Orange but had never tried either. My favourite is maybe the obvious Sachajuan conditioner as it is quite a generous sample and after using it I can confirm it is pretty amazing. Next favourite is the Jane Iredale PureLash product as I have recently been looking for a primer for my mascara, something that will lengthen and look after my lashes, plus it only retails for £13.00 so definitely affordable. I'm also quite liking the Olavie body butter as it feels lovely on the skin and it smells of alcohol! As for the Babor Firming cream it actually looks really nice but I decided to give it to my mum who was quite pleased to receive it and will use it alot more than me. 

I also had a sneaky peek at the Boudoir Prive facebook page as I've found it's a gauge of which brands will feature in upcoming boxes. You can find out this info by looking at which brands Boudoir Prive have 'liked' as why would they like another brand otherwise :) So fingers crossed that upcoming boxes will feature the following 'liked' brands - Moroccan Oil, China Glaze, Bare Escentuals, Murad, Aveda, By Terry, Perricome MD, Paul & Joe and many more. But you know... I may be wrong!


The Bad
Really... teabags? Okay, maybe it does come under lifestyle, but really? Or maybe it's because I'm not a tea-drinker, but these really just don't float my boat. As for the Etat Libre D'Orange samples even though they are deluxe fragrances I just find the size of the samples a bit on the rubbish side.

Another thing I'm not too pleased about is none of the products show the ingredients, especially the Jane Iredale mascara type product as if it contains nylon fibres to extend the lashes it really can't be used whilst wearing contact lenses... plus it would just be nice to see what each product contains.


Glossy Box Vs. Boudoir Prive - Which is the best to go for?
 I'm personally a bit confused about which box I like the most as the Glossy Box does contain at least one knockout product each month as I do like the brands that it has contained so far... though I didn't get excited as I thought I would, when I opened it. Though on the other hand, I did get excited when I opened the Boudoir Prive box as it felt like the product were really high quality and special products that I would never be able to try out otherwise. But having said that I don't think the box is aimed at someone like me and I doubt I would purchase any of the samples at full size.... oh, but the products have been pretty nice for the first box.

Glossy Box (here) - If you love your high end labels then you will be fairly pleased with this. Plus expect the odd full size product in there! (£13/month)
Boudoir Prive (here) - This is the one to go for if you really want to discover new quite niche products that are definitely high end. (£10/month)

I really thought I'd be saying I preferred GlossyBox but surprisingly I found Boudoir Prive more interesting and just more thought out. However if Glossy Box did tweak a few things then it would also make a great and interesting box... I just think more thought needs to go into the boxes

But as mentioned, both boxes are totally different... so it's just a case of working out which would suit you best!

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