Stargazer Crackle Nail Polish = Converted!


My first brush with crackle nail polish was with the 17 Nail Xtras Crackle Top Coat only a week or so ago and if you read my post you would of seen I wasn't all too impressed with crackle nails. I tried it over multiple nail polishes and I just didn't like the effect at all.... and I thought I'd hate black crackle nail polish even more! 

However I totally went and surprised myself after trying the Stargazer BLACK Crackle nail polish (no.601 -£3.50) which again like the 17 one is a cheapy polish and I instantly liked the effect! This polish compared to the 17 crackle top coat is much more... crackly! Plus it doesn't have that odd texture to it... it's flat and not raised like the 17 one was. 


Also I'm really loving the shade underneath as it just goes with the black crackle and it actually reminds me of the China Glaze Crackle Metals collection (promo image here) which I'm guessing costs more than a mere £2.50 a bottle!

I'm just really impressed as I didn't think I'd ever like crackle nails THIS much! I practically hated them last week. But I do sadly put it down to the 17 crackle polish now.  


If I had to be slightly negative and it is hard... it would be about the Chrome nail polishes bottles. The one above is the blue toned chrome (no.233 -14ml) and I also have the silver chrome no.(232 - 14ml) but they look exactly the same packaging wise, except for a little label on the top of each polish....which I'm sure will drop off at some point. But then again they are only £2.50 each!

But other than that I really can't see any faults with either nail polish... and I'm now tempted to purchase the red chrome for under the Crackle nail polish as well and I think the black crackle over the chrome polish works really well together. 

I am still unsure what I'd wear when sporting crackle nails though as anything too patterned would just clash and crackle nails are definitely not suited to looking smart.

However I am definitely now a convert to a bit of crackle!

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