Part 3: Best of High Street Makeup


I'm back again with my round-up of the best products from all the high street make-up brands!
Here are my personal favourite products from Collection 2000, Boots No7 and Sleek. 

Collection 2000
Collection 2000 to me is a true high street makeup line and hasn't changed in recent years like other brands. It's still cheap, fun and simple. But if you look closely you will find some real gems!

Hotlooks Fast Dry Nail Polish (8ml/£1.79)
The phrase 'hot looks' and the font do slightly term me of these nail polishes however I always have to put that aside as the shade range is so nice and fun. The shades definitely try to be on-trend and really as the best low cost nail polishes I have found aside from George at Asda nail polishes. They are all fairly opaque taking only two coats and looks quite shiny and even when applied. Just nice little nail polishes for such a small price. 
 Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19)
This is definitely the hidden gem of the brand, as for the price this is the best opaque concealer you will find on the high street! If you do suffer from spots and find your current concealer isn't doing a good enough job in covering them then really, try this! My go-to concealer for spots and even concealering under eye circles. Just a dream concealer that lasts!

Dazzle Me! Eye Dust (Around £3 each from eBay) 
 Forget Barry M Dazzle Dusts, these are were it's at! Okay... well maybe not as they have been stupidly discontinued by Collection 2000. But still, you can find these on a lot of websites, in pound shops and there are tons on eBay to be had, so at least if you want a certain shade you can get it still. The pigments come/came in such lovely shimmery pearlescent shades and I highly doubt anyone would be able to finish one of the pots as you need so little but you get so much product. The gold/pink shade above is Paradise and the green/gold is Lustrous.


To me No7 are a mid-priced brand that quite a lot of people find over priced. But I do think the quality of the products do warrant the prices. There is nothing bold about No7 but if you want to look polished and preened then this is the brand for you. However it is nice that Boots do the £5 off vouchers so often - making No7 an affordable brand for anyone. 

No7 Brushes (From £7.00
These along side Eco Tools are the best makeup brushes on the high street. They may seem a little steep per brush  but with the No7 £5 off vouchers they become very affordable. The best brushes from No7 seem to be their eye brushes with my favourite being the Blend & Contour brush for blending eyeshadow... I actually have 4! I also love the precision eyeliner brush, which I own two of - one for concealer and one for with gel eyeliner. These really are a staple of my brush collection and they have really held up well. Really nice brushes.

Stay Perfect Eye Mousse (5ml/£9.00)
These really as just lovely mousse eye shadows that glide onto the eyelids and blend easily even with just using the fingers. I think these are aimed at the over 40's so really won't stay for anyone with oily lids. But for anyone over 40 or anyone with normal eyelids these really do look lovely. Just the right amount of shimmer and they do come in some lovely tones. Very flattering for most eyes. 
Quick Cover Blemish Stick (3g/£8.00)
I feel I'm becoming a broke record with these concealers now as I must have talked about them over 6 times on my blog already... but I do own 4 of the shades! This product just works wonders for oily spots... and lets face it, which over high street brand has a concealer that is focused towards oily skin and soaking up excess oil? None! So if you do have oily skin that breaks out a lot then this really is the concealer designed for you!


Sleek are still fairly new to the high street but have some A-mazing products that not only give you a lot for your money but are also really good quality. Sleek really are the only high street brand that caters for all skin tones and has the largest shade range of all the high street foundations! Just really impressive and a fun brand to use. 

New Skin Revive Foundation (35ml/£7.30)
This is just a good quality foundation that I actually cannot see any flaws with. Like I mentioned above, this foundation has the largest selection of shades with 30 in total, plus for only £2.99 (here) you can purchase a tester kit that comes with 5x2ml shade samples with a choice of 5 shade ranges to pick from, so that you can find your perfect match. This definitely contains more silicone than other foundations I own, so it applies and blends very easily. The coverage is medium and the finish is semi-matte and is also oil-free. Not a hugely mentioned foundation online or in the media but definitely one to try out for the quality and price! 
Eyeshadow Palettes (£6.49)
Now if you like eye shadows and haven't got at least one of these palettes then you NEED to, right now! These really are a lovely addition to the high street... though I think I may have enough now with my 6 palettes. Each palette contains 12 good sized eye shadows in mainly shimmery and frost shades with a few mattes in each palette. My favourites have to be either the Storm i-divine palette or the Oh So Special palette. Super pigmented, super smooth and just super lovely.
Sleek Blush (8g/£4.30)
These blushes are my favourites, ever! Yes, I said it and I do actually mean it... I think! I'm not a massive blusher fan, though I do wear it most days. However these blushers just come in some of the best shades and they really do complement the skin. Again like the eye shadows the blushes are highly pigmented and you only need the smallest of amounts, meaning one 8g blush with last you forever. If you don't trust me on this, have a quick swatch when you next spot a Sleek stand in Superdrug.

Should I make a Part 4? Or is that pushing it! I feel like I could go on and on with these posts but then really would I have anything to post about?! 

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