Blogs I'm Loving at the Moment...


From time to time I realize I have a clear favourite blog so I write it on the Sticky Notes of my desktop so that I can just click on it anytime I want.

So I thought it was time to share the six blogs that are on that list!


Mademoiselle Lala
Mademoiselle Lala is a simple, easy to read fashion blog which is mainly made up of outfit posts which are quirky but cute and stylish. The blog also contains the odd makeup post which are always nice. Just a lovely blog to visit when you have a spare few minutes!


Becoming Lola
I can't decided whether I prefer all the amazing images of food on Becoming Lola or the blog authors writing style! I think I may actually love both in equal measures.... though all the amazing foodography on one blog does make me drool, especially come 3pm when my cupcake craving kicks in! Amazing recipes and a great read.


Sailboat is a blog about make-up, clothing, jewellery, photography and other lovely things. But unlike a lot of other blogs I read, Jenni's personality shines through every post... whether she's talking about her boyfriend or her cute rabbit Ralphie or even how she feels about the future, she connects with all her readers which is clearly visible by all the comments she receives. Just a lovely down to earth girl with a treasure of a blog.


It was only recently that I discovered Celine's blog and I have to say I'm in love with it. It's professional looking, interesting and she does the best eye tutorials with amazing step-by-step images. It's also interesting reading all her travel posts and seeing all the amazing places she visits. Also she is pretty damn beautiful!


Le Petit Jardin de Liloo
Liloo is one lovely creative lady with a lovely creative blog to match! Her makeup looks are all about being fun and trying something new and are just great to see... they really do inspired me to be more creative... even if it's just by using a bit of green eyeliner now and again! She's also all about low end products like Beauty UK, Sleek and MUA etc so all the products she talks about are within any ones budget. Just a lovely blog to read.... oh, and it is sure to give you nail envy!


Erin Ever After
Erin Ever After is my little piece of escapism where everything is pretty to look at and perfect. As I'm getting married next year I love Erin's wedding posts with lots of images of inspiration that I like to add to my wedding folder on my desktop. It is at the end of the day a blog with lots of photos by other people but all the images are all the ones I'd look for myself but all in one space to browse though at my leisure instead of visiting hundreds of websites. A visual treat!

Hope you have discovered at least one new blog and enjoyed this post!

Have you got any current favourite blogs?

Fee x
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