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Numerous times I'm been shopping in Superdrug & Boots and I haven't really taken much notice of the prices... well that is until the sales assistant tells me it's £25+ for only 4 or 5 items! Of course I'm never going to say I don't want the products anymore... because I do, but four 'low end' products for sometimes £30 doesn't sound all that savvy or even that low end to me!

So I wanted to show you and kind of prove to myself, that you can purchase 5 products for under £5 as my total shop above cost me only £4.97! Even though all five product cost £1 each I still managed to purchase brands like Maybelline and Scholl and not just all cheaper lines. However I have includes a bit of a round up of product that retail for £1 below but that are quite good brands that would normally cost considerably more.

But firstly I want to share with you my bargain £5 shop! 

Firstly I purchased the obvious £1 eyeshadow from MUA at Superdrug (shade 11)... MUA now have a pro range which costs around £4, however it's still worth remembering how good the £1 core line is. The best products I'd say are their lipsticks, pearl eye shadows, nail polish and also their clear mascara is pretty handy!


Next to George at Asda with the £1.00 8ml nail polish... now sometimes the George nail polishes are £1.25/£1.50 but half of the time they are £1 which is great as they really as good nail polishes and the range contains at least 30 nail polishes, which they update regularly! 

Next up is your friend... Poundland haha, no but really, joking aside Poundland are just incredible range for money and so many good products can be found there. This time I found Maybelline's Define-A-Lash volume mascara in Brown which is great for using on my bottom lashes to make my top lashes stand out more. The mascara only a month ago could be bought from Tesco, Superdrug etc for £7.99!

Talking of Superdrug I decided to purchase an eye cream after having a bit of a disaster with my last one. So I opted for the Anti-aging eye cream from the Natural High range... it was on special offer at the time along with the Brightening Eye Cream which I've been told is pretty good. 

Last but not least I purchase the Scholl Hard Skin and Callus File from Tesco for only 97p! It's double sided so that you can smooth of the skin after use and I have to say it's really good. Plus you can actually purchase it with your online grocery shop here if you shop at Tesco or just in-store.

So all in all a pretty good shop for only £5.00 and I must say it is quite satisfying, purchasing products that aren't the Chit Chat £1 make-up line in Poundland or clearance products with nasty sticky labels! 
Again, the following products are only £1 each and I've tried my best to include products that would normally retail for quite a bit more!

From centre product, clockwise

All the above products can be found at Fragrance Direct - Ciate Underwear Base Coat (here), Essence 4-in-1 File (here), Rimmel Lycra Pro Nail Polish (here), Ciate Stripped Nail Polish Remover (here), Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish (here), Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner (here).


Tesco Cucumber Face Scrub (80p - here), N-Spa Gingerbread Latte Whipped Body Cream (Asda - here), MUA lipstick (Superdrug - here), Cuticure Citrus Hygiene Gel (89p - here), Huggies Baby Wipes (Poundland - Use as makeup wipes), Revlon Nail Enamels (Poundland).


Bourjois Metallic Eyeliner (Fragrance Direct - here), Tesco Sensitive Eye Make Up Remover (80p - here), Rimmel Vinyl Stars Lip Glos (Fragrance Direct - here), Tesco Wake Up Pomegranate Shower Creme (here), Montagne Jeunesse White Chocolate Face Masque (Superdrug, Tesco etc), Bourjois Mini Cream Blush (Fragrance Direct - here).

Just think if you purchased everything above you would still have £2.50 change from £20! It really is amazing what you can find for only £1 when you are actually looking.

Would love to know your best £1 purchases if you have any?

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