Denman Be-Bop Massage Shampoo Brush


Today I want to talk about a new discovery and something I think could be a more affordable option to the Tangle Teezer which I also own.

Now firstly the Denman Be-Bop Massage Brush (Amazon/£3.50 here) is designed for massaging the scalp during shampooing which is a slightly odd concept if you ask me as 1. You generally massage your scalp with your fingers when shampooing your hair to slather it up and to make sure you have washed the roots. 2. Shampooing is normally a quick affair in which you don't stand there with extra time to spare to be massaging your scalp with a little brush. 3. Who wants to massage shampoo into their scalp? 4. Surely it would create more knots while shampooing.

I'm sounding like I don't like the brush aren't I? 

Well you see I bought the brush thinking all  pf the above and not liking the whole concept of it however I thought it would make an excellent conditioner brush... which is what the brush should be marketed as in my opinion.


Once I had received it in the post from Amazon I decided to try out both ways... first massaging my scalp with shampoo in my hair which resulted in everything I mentioned above and it being a bit pointless, though massaging my scalp was a lot more enjoyable than I had though (like the feeling of an itch being...itched!) but it just wasn't practical. Then I tried it again with conditioner in my hair going from my scalp to the ends of my hair which was lovely as not only did it massage my scalp still but the brush removed all the knots and with the conditioner it felt super smooth and lovely. But the surprise came when I washed the conditioner out of my hair as it just felt soooo soft and with zero knots, kind of like the brush has helped the conditioner be more effective! 


I've also been using it after showering in place of my Tangle Teezer and I have to say I think I like it more! The Tangle Teezer obviously does a great job but I have found the bristles to be slightly too flexible so it does take a few attempts to remove knots however the Be-Bop bristles are slightly thicker and more rigid which like the Tangle Teezer removes the knots out of wet/damp or even dry hair within tugging but more effectively I would say. Though it can't be used with a hair dryer or else it may melt! It also states it's particularly suitable for short to medium-length hair though I have quite long hair and I'm not seem any problems but I'd agree that it probably works even better! 

I now really think I've found a winning shiny silky hair combination with the Denman Be-Bop and Vo5's Miracle Concentrate! 

Basically what I'm trying to say it that this £3.50 brush (here) is pretty similar to the Tangle Teezer and if you have been wanting the Tangle Teezer(here) but not the price tag then you should get the Denman Be-Bop... and seriously how cool is the name of it?!

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