Wants or Needs?


This post was entirely inspired my the lovely Emily of Bellishment (one of my favourite blogs) who wrote a post of how on occasion our wants and needs can intersect and I couldn't agree more as I always seem to have a list of want/needs that merge! So here are my own wants and needs right now...

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm WANT £14.85 (here) 
I'm tempted to say I don't know why I've been lusting after all three lip balms in the LE collection for the past 4 months as they are after all only lip balms and also quite pricey... but sadly I do know. I've fallen hook, line and sinker for the transparent formula... I just love it! They actually look good enough to eat and are so summery and perfect, it is as simple as that. Love, love, love!

La Roche-Posay Skincare Sample Set from Escentual WANT £10.00 (here) 
I was tempted to class this as a want/need as this is my definition of a savvy product and I will be buying it! I love Escentuals 'Try B4 you buy' section and actually purchased the Cartier perfume sample set a few months back and loved it. The idea with the La Roche-Posey sample set it that you receive 38 various samples ranging from sunscreen to shampoo and cleanser for £10... however you also get sent a £10 off voucher via email to spend on any La Roche-Posay product. Which is absolutely great, if like me you are already planning on purchasing a full sized product (mine being Anthelios XL SPF50+ Fluid Extreme Face for combi/oily skin - £16.50). So a total win-win purchase as I get to purchase the sunscreen for only £6.50 and also try out lots of other La Roche products for virtually free!


A new perfume NEED max spend £25  
Now I do have quite a wide range of perfumes already but nothing has been grabbing me for quite some time now. I still have a full 50ml bottle of my beloved Space NK Tuberoli (now discontinued) which I think I've actually used too often, so I'm getting slightly bored of it. I've also got half a huge 100ml bottle left of Juicy Couture from last Christmas which is okay but I've never been in love with it. I've also got a bottle of Issey Miyake A Scent which is nice when the top notes disappear but on the whole is too sharp for my liking and I've also got a million and one miniature scents from Cartier, CK, Paul Smith, SJP. But I need something that is summery and that I can fall in love with! I am tempted to purchase an old favourite - Tommy Hilfiger's True Star but it is around  £20 for 50ml as it's not really in production any more.. but I do see it as a cheap fragrance so it seems a bit too much to pay. So I'm thinking either Clarins Eau des Jardine 100ml - (£25.65 here), Tommy Hilfiger True Star Gold 75ml - (£14.95 here) or Escada Taj Sunset 50ml - (£26.40 here). 

Would love to know if any of you have tried the any of the fragrances above or can recommend anything that is really fruity/summery!

Selfridges (Lancome) Christmas Advent Calendar WANT/NEED £70 
I sadly missed the boat for last years first ever beauty advent calender as they all sold out (the image above it the one from last year btw) but I saw a sneak preview of the one for this year (on BritishBeautyBlogger here) and even though I don't need it... oh, how it will put a smile on my face for the first 25 days of December! It does seem a little early to be thinking about Christmas (though I could talk about it any time of the year) but it is a good thing I have already spotted it as I will need to start saving now for such a ridiculous spend near to Christmas really. I of course will also have to get the boyfriend to buy me a Lindt chocolate advent as well though! The most perfect combination I am thinking come cold christmassy (yes, that is a word) winter mornings - a piece of chocolate and a mini luxury beauty product! Perfect.

New shoes for Wedding guest outfit NEED 
I like shoes... but this is a bit of a boring one for me as whenever I attend a wedding I seem to spend so much just for one day and so this is just another cost really! So the Asos sale it is - I'm thinking something nude and under £20 hopefully!

When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman WANT £3.99 (here) 
Last but not least I need to get my hands on a new book and I think this is the one. I read the first chapter in Tesco last week and quite liked it so I'm thinking this is the book to get me back into reading I think. Sometimes there really isn't enough hours in a day when you want to watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars at night, catch up on blogs, write your own blog, watch a few YT videos and then you finally get into bed too late and haven't the time or enthusiasm to read! Which seems to have been happening to me every night for the last 3 months now... so I need to break the circle!

Would love to hear of your current wants/needs and also any summer fragrance reccomendations if you have any!

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