New Dress = Weekend Nails!


Just a quick weekend post to show you my weekend nails that were inspired by the dress above which I purchased in the H&M sale... but do not fear I won't be wearing the dress with the nails*! 

*I felt I needed to point that out in case anyone has horrible visions (or nightmares) of me wearing the dress above with the same print also on my nails! Maybe an odd trend of the future... but right now I draw the line at anything past matching finger nails and toes.


I do occasionally like to browse the likes of Wah nails and nail art blogs for inspiration but I'm normally more inspired by prints on clothing and upholstery and they tend to be pretty easy to re-create! Which is exactly what I thought when I finally received this pink spotted dress (I swear the H&M online delivery service is the worst I've experienced - taking 4 weeks!) as I knew the two overlaid dots would be so easy to re-create with a dotting tool. 

I should mention that the dress is really lovely and it's currently on sale for only £12.50 (from £25.00) online here, though like I say delivery is more than a little slow! I have the dress in both shades - in the pink (above) and the navy and the quality is really great and also very comfortable to wear. 

Anyway, back to the nails!...


As you can see it is definitely not rocket science and I don't even feel like I need to explain how I achieved the dots but just in case you are a little unsure here is how! 

1) First I painted my nails with Revlon Scented Peach Smoothie (£4.49 here). Which to be honest isn't the best polish to use as it took three coats to become opaque.

2) Next using Barry M Mushroom (£2.99 here) I poured a small amount of the polish onto the back of a magazine and used the end of a nail art brush (you could use anything with a rounded pointy end... hair pin, end of pen etc). I then dipped the end into the polish and onto each nail randomly. 

3) Whilst letting the dots fully dry I removed any nail polish from the end of the brush with remover and poured some Barry M Pink Flamingo (£2.99) onto the back of the magazine. 

4) Using the end of the brush again I dipped it into the nail polish and then over each brown dot but only half way and at different sides of each dot. 

5) Last but not least I finished with my favourite top coat from 17 (£2.99 here) as it seems to soften the lines of nail art (if that makes ANY sense!). 

I know I still need to create a nail tutorial for my summery nails (here) that I posted about two weeks ago now, but I've sadly been waiting for a few of my nails to grow back after breaking them in the kitchen drawer! But will make sure to get on with it this week.

Hope you are all having a nice weekend! 

Fee x.

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