July/August Magazine Freebies


Ahhh, more magazine free gifts to report this month with swatches!

This month I have spotted two beauty freebies - in my option both pretty great for being free and definitely worth the purchase for the price of a magazine.

First up a choice of two products from The Body shop with this months Instyle magazine (£3.70) - either the above Super Volume Mascara (worth £10) or two eyeliners in black and navy (worth £16). The Super Volume mascara was actually sold in The Body Shop however from checking this week it is no longer being sold... I'm guessing as other new mascaras have been brought out.

However if you are needing a new mascara (or just like buying mascara!) then this is definitely worth it as it is a pretty good mascara. Not too wet and no clumps but just nice and volumizing for everyday wear. Also really like the size and style of brush with this!


Next up, a choice of two Ciate Lip glosses in this months Marie Claire magazine (£3.60 the normally magazine or £2.50 on special offer for the min size this month). At first I thought with the packaging stating 'Ciate for Marie Claire' the shades had been specially created for being a Marie Claire freebie... which I don't tend to love as they seem to be slightly lower in quality when magazines and brands do this. However after of looking the two shades St.Barts (above) and Ibiza (hot pink shade) are in fact part of the Ciate's current line and worth £9.00 each! 

On the whole this is a good quality lip gloss but on reflection I should of been a bit bolder and picked Ibiza as it would of been perfect to wear then the sun is shining! But the nude still is rather lovely and gives the lips a nice pouty look. This months Maria Claire is also a good read with a section on three bloggers and how much money they make from it! Quite interesting indeed...

Also in next months Marie Claire magazine there will be a choice of two full sized Ciate Nail Polishes - both very pretty shades I should add!


Last but not least from my favourite magazine - Red will be offering a choice of two Balance Me Body Washes which are really great as they are 99% natural and lovely smelling! Which will be one sale August 3rd. 

So lots of nice free gifts this month and to come in August.

Such a great way to try a few different products without spending too much and of course you also get to read a nice magazine! 

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