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Hair care comes hand in hand with beauty a lot of the time! So why have I never really talked that much about it?! 
Well anyways I'm here now, talking about hair... which to be honest could be quite boring as I do have boring hair (see image, right)! 

Some hair history I feel is needed for this! From the age of 13 to 18 I pretty much abused my hair, it went from red to blonde (well, more ginger) to black to red again... I was a serial hair dye-er and also a compulsive hair straightener. So much so I developed quite a thick section of hair near the front that was so coarse and just total frizz if I didn't straighten it. I tried hair masks, hot oil treatments but it literally stayed the same and looked awful! Which actually taught me a lesson. 

By the age of 19/20 I actually gave up straightening my hair as much and also letting it dry naturally and for once I dyed it every 6 weeks a more normal shade of brown and I did see a slight improvement. However it's only in the last two years that my hair has dramatically changed for the better which is why I felt I should ramble about it on here. 

I now only use Sulfate (SLS) free shampoos and have done for well over a year and I really put that down to my hair changing and finally becoming so healthy. I've also noticed my hair grows very fast these days when a few years ago I did have quite a lot of hair loss in the shower and quite fine hair around my hairline.



Of course easing up on applying direct heat to my hair has helped (I know straighten my hair 2-3 times a week) but I truly believe making the switch to using more natural shampoos that are free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate has really made the most difference. I now feel I'm cleaning my hair in such a less harsh way and not stripping my hair.
You can read more about Sodium Lauryal Sulfate here.

Here is what I use

Tigi Bed Head Superstar Sulfate-free Shampoo (£6.95/200ml Cheap Smells) - This is definitely without a doubt a treat for me due to the price but it is the best sulfate free shampoo I've tried so if you can afford it, try it! It smells and reminds me of strawberry milkshake and foams up really well (sulfates create the foaming effect in shampoos and lots of other toiletries) it also cleans the hair well without leaving the hair tangled.

Naked Shampoo range (£4.07/250ml Boots) I'm not going to give specific shampoos here as I have tried most from the Naked range now as this is my constant shampoo of choice, so when I run out I try a different one. For no real reason other than as I'm so limited on the high street trying to find an SLS-free shampoo and haven't that HUGE choice of shampoos anymore, I resort to trying the different types in the Naked range so I don't get bored. The range isn't amazing, the formula can be on the watery side and you do have to use more than your normal amount of shampoo to create a good enough lather, plus it does tend to leave my hair tangled (but conditioner does sort that out). However I can push that all aside as it keeps my hair in healthy condition and my hair never clogs up the plughole or gets wrapped around fingers any more. So the positives definitely out weigh the negatives... and it is actually the only sulfate free range in Superdrug and Boots!! 

More in depth reviews of both products here.



I may be wrong but I think most people buy whatever shampoo is on offer or one that is around the £2-3 mark and then they spend that bit extra on their conditioner that they repeatedly buy. Well that is what I'd say the majority of women do and that is what I use to do, as I really did see shampoo as a necessity to clean my hair and then conditioner as the product they really helped my hair to be healthy. However my spend habits are now the opposite, I spend on my shampoo and don't stray and I buy whatever conditioner I like the look of when shopping as I find most softens my hair and remove tangles the same, but it's the shampoo that makes the biggest difference.

Even though it does change every few months
here is what I do like to use  

Timotei Conditioner (£1.69/300ml Superdrug) - The Copper Radience conditioner is a new one for me as I just pick up whatever I see from the Timotei range or one that is on offer at the time so I've tried around four of the different fragrances though all have very similar results. It does help detangle the hair and also leaves it nice and soft. 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor (£4.69/250ml Boots) - This is the only conditioner that I'm loyal to and that I purchase again and again. It leaves my hair super soft and smells great! There isn't much to say about it as it's just does the job and is a joy to use, so if you haven't tried it alteast buy a travel size next time you're at the supermarket! It's also worth noting that it's more cost effective and you receive more product for your money if you purchase a few travel sized ones instead of the standard size.

I do buy lots of other conditioners as I go through quite alot as I have long hair but I do avoid over chemically smells conditions such as ones from Tresemme and the Infusion range by Herbal Essenses.


Styling Products 

Now I say I have boring hair as it is all one shade at the moment and I tend to wear it up in a messy bun most days or down straight or wavy so it doesn't look THAT boring (see here) but I could be more adventerous! Though my main aim is to keep it looking shiny and healthy. 

Here is what I use to keep my hair looking frizz-free and shiny 
Supersoft Detangling Spray (£1.93/150ml Auravita) - Long hair is renowned for tangling when wet and my hair is no different, if anything even with conditioner after being wrapped in a towel it tangles like a beast. So even before I discovered detangling spray for kids my Tangle Teezer didn't help that much (though it didn't pull hairs out like a normal brush). But now I have this in my life tangles are something that are sorted in minutes. A few spritz in wet or damp hair and the knots can be brushes out with ease. I really couldn't live without this now! 

Tangle Teezer (£9.30 Amazon) - I'm tempted to say this is a slightly overrated product for the price but with the spray it works wonders and it is a brush that teases out tangles (like the name states) instead of tugging at them and pulling out hairs. So I can imagine for the hair sore or for children this would be great and also for the average person who hasn't got overly knotty hair. I do really like how light weight the brush is though and also how easy it is too remove the hair from the brush. I didn't love the price tag but I wouldn't be without it.

Naked Style Extra Shiny Finishing Serum (£4.99/50ml Naked) - I tend to stay away from finishing sprays and serums as they tend to smell of chemicals and weigh down my hair but this product is the opposite! I use the product through the length of my hair when using my conical wand to define the curls slightly and near to the roots when wearing it up to flatten down the frizz!
Once dry the product cannot be felt in the hair and smells great. It also gives the hair a really nice shine! Again another product I couldn't be without.


...and that is it! My pretty simple hair care routine! 

I hope I have inspired a few of you to look into going SLS free as I really believe it leads to a healthy scalp and very happy hair! 

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