Bargain U.S. Nail Polish Finds!


If there was only one thing I was allowed love about nail polish I would fail miserably! I love that nail polish on the high street is relatively low cost, I also love the huge amount of shades that are available, I also love my miniatures and gift sets... especially at Christmas! 

However at a push my most favourite thing is finding £1 nail polishes in the likes of Poundworld that aren't even available in the UK - it literally makes my heart miss a beat! 

 I remember when I found my now very cherished Revlon Nude Chic (now discontinued - swatch) in Poundland. It was hanging behind all the dusty Sally Hansen and Maybelline products circa 1998, the most perfect nude shade for my skin tone. But most important of all it was just £1, not sold anywhere else anymore and was going to be mine! A few weeks later just before last Christmas I found another two in a different Poundland branch. 

It is pretty sad that is makes me so excited isn't it? But then again I feel Makeup Savvy is the most spot on name for my site for reasons exactly like these!


Nail Polish memoirs aside! 

My luck was in again this week when I popped into a newly open Poundworld and found the beauty that is the nail polish above - Rimmel's Lasting Finish Pro in 320 Electric Pink. Now I instantly knew the Lasting Finish Pro line wasn't available in the UK as I'd never seen it in any Boots or Superdrug and I'd also only seen swatches and reviews on American and Canadian blogs, so you can imagine how much my eyes lit up! 

Sadly there wasn't any other shades except for Midnight Blue which was a dark metallic blue that I didn't really fancy. But I'm definitely going to keep checking in-store for more shades as I already love the Electric Pink shade plus I need Violet Metal (swatch) in my life. I also love the brush! Which instead of being cut straight across like most, is curved and so as you place the brush near the cuticle it fans out to give that really clean look around the nails, which is especially great it you apply nail polish in a rush like me or you suffer from the shakes the moment you start painting your nails! 

Though as it wasn't as glossy as I'd of liked I finished it off with a thin topcoat of 17 Lasting Fix nail polish in clear which is a definite bargain if you need a nice but cheap glossy top coat - £2.99

Also as it is fairly mean to show you swatches of a nail polish that is pretty rare in the UK, here is a link to an eBay seller that stocks Electric Pink and other shades for £3.80 inc p&p.


I also picked up two other Rimmel nail polishes - Tequila Sunrise and Desert Beauty again both £1 each. 

But presumed as I recognized the bottle design that both nail polish shades are sold in current lines in the usual stores, which I was wrong about! After a quick google when I got home it was clear to see that again the two shades are only sold in places such as Walmart and Ulta.

Rimmel 60 Seconds Desert Beauty (eBay £3.20 inc p&p) - This is described as a one-coat polish which it definitely isn't (unless you want a very sheer coat) but is does look great within 3 coats though slightly streak-a-rama if you don't apply a good base as it is one of those lovely metallic shades that show every imperfection and brush stroke. But overall a lovely, lovely shade for day wear or under a glitter nail polish.

Rimmel Lycra Wear 10 + Minerals Tequila Beauty (Amazon £2.65 inc p&p) - Now this is one I'm excited to try out as I love the sound of a 10 day lasting nail polish at the moment! Though I have swatched it to see what the formula like and it is on the watery size which to be fair isn't such a bad thing as it does stop it being a gloppy formula that is hard to apply. This is definitely one for on the toes with my new purple sandals that I picked up from Tesco this week!

There is something very pleasing and satisfying when you're able to pick up nail polish at only £1 each which are actual good quality and even rare at times. Has anyone else picked up any rare bargains?

After so much nail polish talk I think it may be time I wrote a nail polish collection post and show my stash!

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